The spontaneous creativity of Umm Kulthum as a singer is most impressive when, upon listening to these many different renditions of the same song over a time span of five years — , the listener is offered a totally unique and different experience. Critics and journalists note that while she was known to have touched many different artists, she had also touched the lives of millions of her listeners and fans. She dressed as a boy in order for her father to not face disapprobation due to having a girl on stage. Mounira El Mahdeya and Fathiyya Ahmad, who had similar voices. Kulthum died February 3, , at age 76 from kidney failure.

ya msaharni om kalthoum

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Do you want Egypt to turn against us? It reconnected Umm Kulthum with her early singing years, defined Sonbati’s unique style in composing and established him as the best composer of music for poems in classical Arabic, toppling Mohammed Abdel Wahab.

Umm Kulthum – Wikipedia

Archived from the original on Archived from the original on 4 September Although she made several visits to Cairo in the early s, she waited until before permanently moving there. Among others, Jah Wobble has claimed her as a significant influence on his work.

It is difficult to accurately measure her vocal range at its peak, as most of her songs were recorded live, and she was careful not to strain her msaharin due to the extended length of her songs. Critics and journalists note that while she was known to have touched many different artists, she had also touched the lives of millions of her listeners and fans. They are nothing short of epic in scale, with durations measured in hours rather than minutes.


Her first song composed by Abdel Wahab, “Enta Omri” You are my life”was considered the “summit meeting”. You can help by adding to it. Worth noting though that the length of a performance did not necessarily reflect either its quality or the improvisatory creativity of Umm Kulthum.

ya msaharni om kalthoum

At the age of 16, she was noticed by Mohamed Aboul Ela, a modestly famous singer, msaharno taught her the old classical Arab repertoire. She worked extensively with texts by romantic poet Ahmad Rami and composer Mohammad El-Qasabgi, whose songs incorporated European instruments such as the violoncello and double bassas well as harmony.

oum kalthoum ya msaharni

The success was immediate. When she was 12 years old, her father noticed her strength in singing so he asked her to join the family ensemble. Her songs deal mostly with the universal themes of love, longing and loss. Furthermore, unlike most of her ,althoum artists who held private concerts, Umm Kulthum’s performances were open to the general public, which contributed to the transition from classical, and often elitist, to popular Arabic music.

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She was invited on several occasions to the house of Amin Beh Al Mahdy, who taught her to play the oud, a type of lute. Her songs took on more a soul searching quality infollowing the defeat of Egypt during the Six Day war.

In it was followed by another one “Asbaha al-Ana ‘indi Bunduqiyyah” Give me a rifle. It is speculated that this was due in part to the popular failure of the movie Aidain which Umm Kulthum sings mostly Qasabgi’s compositions, including the first part of the opera. A typical Umm Kulthum concert consisted of the performance of two or three songs over a period of three to four hours.


InUmm Kulthum defied all odds by presenting a religious poem in classical Arabic during one of her monthly concerts, “Salou Qalbi” “Ask My Heart”written by Ahmad Shawqi and composed by Sonbati. Her performances were made of raw emotion and even political rhetoric.

ya msaharni om kalthoum

During her early career years, she faced staunch competition from two prominent singers: Simultaneously, Umm Kalthou, started to rely heavily on a younger composer who joined her artistic team a few years earlier: Their last stage song collaboration in was “Raq el Habib” “The lover’s heart softens”one of her most popular, intricate, and high-caliber songs.

InUmm Kulthum sang for the inaugural broadcast of Radio Cairo, the state station.

Ya msaharni (یامسهرنی) (English translation)

Her father, an imam at the local mosque, taught her to recite the Qur’anand she is said to have memorized the entire book. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

ya msaharni om kalthoum

Kalthojm few years later, she met the famous composer and oudist Zakariyya Ahmadwho invited her to come to Cairo. Arab Film Distribution, Archived from the original on 7 June Umm Kulthum is considered a national icon in her native Egypt and has been dubbed as The voice of Egypt [4] and Egypt’s fourth pyramid.