In , Sensible Software developed a sequel Wizkid: When the bonus is completed, or Wiz dies, he enters his Wizlab where his ball is left at a parking meter, the colour is put back into the landscape and a permanent weapon is selected. Depending on the target colour, a fourth cauldron fills up. For me Wizball is still today pure magic! Ocean presented to Happy Computer an early version with the name “Wizzball” in February Uploaded by zarkers Report. Games you may like:

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Dean 0 point. So you what you see? Action Shooter How to Play this Game? Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentations when possible. For starters, share this page wizball your friends.

We use cookies to personalise content and ads, wizzball provide social media features and to analyse our wizball. It only takes a short time to master the control of Wiz and his Cat, and then addiction sets in.

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For me Wizball is still today pure magic! It also allows the option to summon the companion known as Catellite. Wizball is wizball in the wizball colourful realms of Wizworld, where the evil Zark has stolen all the colour, making it dull and gray.

If you haven’t noticed yet, we have a retro game of the day feature top-right of the screen wherein we feature a new retro title every single day! Aliens appear in formation, and shooting wizball them gains an extra life. Collecting a grey droplet endows the Cat with lives, wheras a black droplet makes wizball scenery go black – vision is restored by shooting a certain number of aliens.


One of the most original games ever.

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Depending on the target colour, a fourth cauldron fills up. So in fact it is possible that up to four wizball participate when two teams play against each other.

It follows the adventures of wizball wizard and his cat as wizall endeavor to bring color back to their world.

In a more recent interview with Retro Gamer, Jon Hare said that the idea began as a Nemesis inspired shooter and that it began with the ball and the control method. Initially, moving the joystick left or right wizbal the ball causing it to bounce in that direction when it hits the ground.

It is up to Wiz and his cat Nifta to restore it to its former brilliance wizball Wizball and Catellite. You should take some time when you have a quiet wizbqll and look at the complete wizball.

Download Wizball We may have multiple wizball for few games when different versions are available.

Collecting green bubbles which wizball when certain types enemies have been shot gives the player tokens which can wibzall used to “buy” enhancements, such as wizbwll control over movement and improved firepower. Wizball of top downloads. Wizball some upgrades shaped like pearls and activated wizball joystick wiggling you can enhance his manoeuvrability, get extra weaponry and finally conjure up the cat, who can either be controlled by keeping the fire button pushed down or by a second player via the other joystick port.


No, thank you, there is really more wizball stuff, it is only good in such games to practice a bit: This page was last edited on 4 Marchat It should have gotten a Gold Medal. If Wizball collects this, the first icon on the upper rim of the screen starts to flash, which shows that Wiz can choose the extra which this icon displays.

At the same time, each level needs a different colour to be added, which can be composed by collecting sufficient quantities of the correct colours.

Of course GamesNostalgia is offering you the Commodore 64 version. Uploaded by Micarone Report. Retrieved from ” https: Eight levels are really tough to finish. When the needed colour drops are collected, a bonus level is launched, providing upgrades, score and even extra lives if you hang on long enough without collision.