If you had an Edit menu before which bears no resemblance to the standard Windows Edit menu, it might be an idea to rename it. However, if you decide that you want access to more user-interface or graphics features then you might consider upgrading to the the full version of W interacter. The use of such tools is therefore likely to be counter-productive. See Addtitional Licensing and Pricing Information. Support and Updates What about technical support?


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Your customers love it, but have loads of suggestions for improvements. We currently only support Intel based platforms. Users of W interacter For simple value checking you can define maximum and minimum values allowed for each field directly in the resource editor – no code required. We do not have a fixed bug-fix update schedule. If so, bring that in first. Your time is much better spent on your own area of expertise: The next menu item you tackle will also require many of these routines, and you only have to port them once.

Lahey/GNU Fortran for 32 and 64-bit Windows

This does sound good, but, to be honest, you don’t have the time to do it. Why doesn’t it work?

W interacter also includes its own development environment WiDEwhich integrates the design, edit, compile, link, run, debug cycle. Won’t W interacter programs use up all my Windows resources?


Orders must be placed at one time to qualify for this discount.

Programs for Programmers

The documentation supplied with W interacter provides more detailed advice on how to achieve this. You will have one already! Add your Fortran source code and resource.


Firefox and Chrome users can simply click on the appropriate link s above and you should be prompted to save the file to disk.

Versions of the plugin are available for each of Windows, Linux and Mac, supporting both bit and bit applications. Broadly, the newer your licence, the cheaper the upgrade. View the full version AbsoftTools Plugin July A plugin is available here which simplifies creation of W interacter -based applications in the Absoft Tools development environment, as shipped with Absoft Pro Fortran. Don’t worry about whether it’s Fortran 90 or Fortran 95, by the way – the chances of you running into one of the differences are miniscule, and all the compilers on the market today are Fortran 95 in any case.

The different VS versions are now recognised automatically and the differing paths set up accordingly. Several bug fix updates are usually uploaded to our web site between new releases.

Winteracter – AbsoftTools Plugin

Implementation Notes In normal usage, the notes above on using the plugin should be sufficient. This will depend very much on both your code and your old library. The Winreracter Fortran 95 compiler which shipped previously as LF95 5. Wouldn’t it look better with a real Windows installation program to go with it?


That’s all there is to menu items.

Note also that the opened instance of the resource editor functions independently wunteracter the AbsoftTools, so the latter does not know the state of the open resource when the Build option is selected. On Linux, LF95 6. In my experience this is much less likely to happen under Windows than DOS. Versions are available for most Fortran 9x compilers. Even if your DOS program handled this via a configuration file edited externally, it’s a good idea to hide it behind a dialog allowing the user to edit the contents.

These appear modal to the user i. Each includes versions suitable for use with all the supported Fortran compilers on the corresponding platform, allowing creation of both bit and bit applications.