Carefully validated property packages for natural gas, refining, chemical and special processes such as amine sweetening, sulphur treating plants and power cycles. So now information is propagated through the flowsheet instantly and calculations performed whenever possible. Hydrate unit operat i ons were used to predict the hydrate formation approach temperature at key points in the network. If you are used to program spreadsheets using complex cell formulas and macros you can be immediately productive using Excel unit operations in Symmetry. Copying reaction data from a conversion reactor to an equilibrium reactor After clicking OK, all relevant reaction data is copied to the new Equilibrium reactor see Figure 3. The bi-directional information propagation capability also eliminates the need for artificial recycle blocks and simultaneous convergence of recycles and controllers throughout your flowsheet. Our technology allows users to fill gaps in their existing processes using our unprecedented, predictive modeling capabilities on a unit or enterprise-wide basis.

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The dynamics engine brings a new batch of exciting features to the v A link can be set up vmgsim vgsim simple steps: Vmgsim here to read a complete list of the vmhsim features.

Comparison of Hydrate Inhibition Operation Requirements. VMGSim contains specialized thermodynamic packages that ensure you will get the right properties for each of your gas processing systems.

Overall improvements to the layout of form to input pipe details – this includes new options to input elevation profiles.

Shortcut thermodynamic models for faster simulations. By means of the Gibbs phase rule, with vmgsim degrees of freedom fulfilled, calculations are automatically completed and the results transmitted throughout your flowsheet.


Workbooks can simply be added to the flowsheet quickly and easily as a standard unit operation. Virtual Materials Group, Inc. Home Vmgsim Login Register.

vgmsim For all other inquiries, please fill out the vmgsim below. That information is then spread throughout your flowsheet automatically, allowing you to develop creative solutions to extremely difficult vmgsim you may not be able to easily solve using traditional sequential simulators. Unequal phase split in tee junctions. As a result, you’ll find innovative ways to increase the value of your product while reducing your operating costs and wasted material. Miscellaneous Membrane Unit Operation.

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Also included in the assay description vmgsim a wide range of additional data: Visit Sulfur Recovery Engineering. Note that the conversion specs in the first reactor are not available in the equilibrium reactor, as they are not relevant in this model. The tower has a full range of specifications and trays that can be designed or rated. Save time with a fully integrated reporting system Extract the most relevant information from your simulation and vmgsim it into professional vmgsim reports with Symmetry’s fully integrated reporting system.

With Symmetry as your reliable partner in modelling your entire vmgsim units, you’ll have the confidence of knowing your vmgslm is operating safer and at a higher profit than ever before. The novel Summary Sets make it easy for you to select, collect, and display the most relevant information from your simulation in tabular format.

Transitioning between reactor models is easier than ever vmgsiim VMGSim 7. Added Lower and Upper Explosive Limits to the list of pure component properties.


Aqueous amines absorb methanol so vmgsim it builds up in the system and affects vapor-liquid equilibrium. Then, the user only has to specify kinetic data for the reactions in order to solve the model, as in Figure 6.

This ensures vmgsim our vmgsim calculations are put under extraordinary stress and provide quality results for conditions and expectations well beyond process simulation.

Providing unparalleled model sophistication and precision VMGSim is used around the world vmgsim model existing processes and to design new facilities from the ground up. Learn more about VMGThermo. Scalability is key to obtaining full value from your models, as one moves vmbsim conceptual steady state process models to detailed models with vmgsim design details actual plant operations.

A case study was set up in VMGSim to analyze performance of the amine unit with and without methanol injection in the gathering network.

Varied improvements to the feature set of the heat exchanger and air vmmgsim rating options.

What’s new in VMGSim 9

Increased traffic in the tower could translate into higher reboiler duties, although within the trace amounts studied here duty remained constant. Embedded applications, customization, real-time applications. And vmgsim are no limits to the number of Excel worksheets vmgsim can have in a model.