Added command to output text to a file ‘write ‘. Corrected the error output of some characters at the beginning of the message in the command ‘log’. Hot key to stop all scripts “Stop all scripts” also stops clicks on the tab “General”. Added return the found color in the third element of the array in the command ‘findcolor’. Added in the ‘findimage’ return end coordinates of the found images in the third and fourth element of the returned array.

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Uopilot do uopilot, they need to specify in the plugin, when setting the function name: Added some unnecessary reserved variables denoting color Added some reserved variables to game UO Added a function ‘eval some arguments ‘, gathers everything in brackets in one line and runs it instead of himself. Fixed a few reserved variables: In the context menu of the script moved some commands in the new section “Ultima Online”.

After executing the command ‘Exec’, uopilot variable ‘errorlevel’ contains iopilot PID of the running process or the error code. Added uoplot ability to run scripts “Lua”. Fixed output found path in the command ‘dir’. Rewrote the command ‘findimage’.

Removed double brackets when uopilot commands into the Lua script from the uopilot menu, the cursor is set behind the brackets. Added error message output when an exception occurs in Lua script.


Redid the syntax highlighting in the editor. Added output of the required version of the protocol, in case of failure to load the plugin. Fixed the output in the log function ‘chartohexf’. Added the checkbox next to the new button “log” on the “Script” tab, similar command ‘set logging commands’. Now he same as well as everywhere uopilot expression ‘. Returns the number of items found, or an error code.

Corrected the error that uopilot when there is no space before the bracket in the command ‘prompt’. In the function ‘findimage’ added the ability to search images loaded into memory by specifying the address in memory instead of a file path.

Added almost all variables of Ultima Online in Lua. Uopilot handle returned by the ‘findwindow’ function in Lua is now a number.

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Corrected calculations with negative numbers. Added a hotkey to uppilot the keyboard and mouse, blocked by the commands ‘keyboard disable’, ‘mouse disable’. Added the error code ‘-7’ – did not find uopilot specified uopilot.

Added to ‘findimage’ the return of the percentage of the found image in the fifth element of the returned array. Codes are specified as parameters in curly brackets. Fixed saving scripts when commenting lines by clicking LMB on their numbers. If the script uopilot attached to the other window, then immediately with the next line of the script will work on the new window.


Added hot-key, which allows to switch the display of uopilot progress of the script “ShowScriptProcessing”. Fixed selection and uopiloh font in the log window when you uopilot the Uopilot. Removed a piece of debug information forgotten recently in the ‘findcolor’. Added the output of the error of running the Lua script and several lines of code around the specified line.

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Added in the ‘prompt’ ability to output a string without checkboxes Corrected the probable cause of damage of the configuration file. Now ‘findimage’ understands the uopilot of coordinates with using the array elements.

Translate all characters in a string in hexadecimal form. This program absolutely freeware, is distributed “as is”, that uopilot you use it uopjlot own risk! Added save button on the form settings. When called from Lua, the uopilot and ‘loadimage’ commands return 4 parameters.