However, I couldn’t warm up to him as a romantic male lead because his character seemed too naive to me. So you can see how valuable an ability like this could b Brandt was someone I liked from the beginning so to be able to see him get his own story, I was so all over that! He’s wearing gloves and a long-sleeved shirt. Apr 18, Shy The WidowMaker rated it liked it. The difference here is that the character with the life experience is the girl, not the boy.

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But when accareo the last Six Kale is sure they are being watched and when Samsen shows up and Dez sacrifices herself to save Kale, he knows he must find away to get her back. There was a faint outline — you couldn’t see it unless you were untouched jus accardo looking for it — and every time she moved, it kind of shimmered.

Untouched (Electronic book text)

Can not wait for Toxic! He reminds me a bit of Kyle XY, but deadly-er. Paybacks are a bitch though. Kale’s touch means instant death to anyone. There were some spots that dragged a bit, untoucched in the one scene I wanted to scream at Dez for sitting quietly while in the clutches of Samsen.

That scene really showed that Kale is very much a guy, a super hot boy with mad skills, but a guy none the less. I almost quit reading it but it got much better when introduced to a new character named Wentz. I have to say I think I am in love with his Six ability. The girl’s eyes narrowed. He’s so smart and intouched the whole fight thing master, but at the same time, he’s got this worldly untouched jus accardo.


Oh yes and the cover is fantastic. Normally, I like when we get to see a glimpse of the male PoV, but being inside of Kale’s head doesn’t do it untouched jus accardo me. I flip flopped a lot with many of the secondary characters because their loyalties were not clear. He is a magnificent being untouched jus accardo never fails to fascinate me and leave untojched in a puddle of swoon-y delight.

Aug 25, Shannon rated it really liked it. Dez calls time alone untoucged Kale – Kale time.

Review: Untouched by Jus Accardo

After they visit the next six, they are heading to an amusement park so that Dez can get some “Kale time” as she calls it. I usually get excited over a switched POV, but this one was harder for me uuntouched get into.

Kale is one of untouched jus accardo absolute favourite YA heroes at the moment – he’s tough, protective and loyal, but oh so naive, which makes him both cute and hilarious, all in one go! So glad you really liked it!

When they catch up with a Six they find themselves in a battle. His curiosity had me smiling and his straightforwardness was refreshing.


Touch captured me right from the very beginning and ensured that I fell in love with these characters! Jus is the bestselling author of the popular Denazen series from Entangled publishing, as well as the Darker Agency series, and the New Adult series, Untoouched Eternal Balance. I really enjoy the crap out of the Denazen series, so I was excited to read this novella as I waited for Tremble to be released. I realize this was a 1. After Dez is captured, Kale has to get her back.

Faceless (Denazen, #) by Jus Accardo

Denazen started untouched jus accardo supremacy project and injected some of the sixes when they were born and because of this a lot of the sixes are going insane and then dropping dead. Why not just say that? It was well written and I was sold. I cannot wait for Toxic! Ginger the leader of the sixes who have gone underground need’s Brandt’s help. There was nothing like it.

She was tall and looked a bit older than Dez, with long purple hair that hung wildly in her face.