Greetings Carlos Alberto Teixeira! The Arabic form of the name is Fatima. I will get others to have a listen. Over songs and rhymes. Kid Songs Around The World. Becky wrote looking for help with a childhood song from Croatia. Ana Paula Scher September 1, at 7:

toure kunda fatou yo

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Thanks for sharing that video with me and others on pancocojams. Please email me if you can help. The Arabic form of the name is Fatima.

Fatou Yo Lyrics

Please let us know if you think this video has been taken down by YouTube. I added it to the post itself.

About Contact Us Advertise Resources. If anyone knows which Balanta language it’s in, we would welcome the info! The Poet and The Baby. Your purchase will help us keep our site online! Thanks to Helena Cuaresma Maestre for sharing the 2nd video! Their year career encompasses recordings in over six languages and collaborations with well-known musicians such as Carlos Santana and Talking Heads. These same non-English lyrics are found as subtitles in this YouTube sound file: Upon returning to France, they found considerable success and critical acclaim among the French music press.


“FATOU YO” LYRICS by TOURÉ KUNDA: Mandango: Fatou yo su

His companion Piet was a Moor. Our books feature songs in the original languages, with translations into English. Every generation sang it, and it still rocks It is the principal language of the Gambia.

Azizi Powell September 1, at You can hear the song in the video below at 2: Greetings Carlos Alberto Teixeira! He started writing as a child and had his first poems published at age Thanks also to the publishers of these examples on YouTube.

toure kunda fatou yo

Thanks to Del Dallimore for trying to help us identify the language. His parents had been slaves before the Civil War. All copyrights remain with their owners. On his birthday, December 5th, he gave gifts to the children instead of receiving them. Language Learning Made Gatou The song is a sikko SEE-koh kundx, a dance where people get in a line and hold their hands towards the sky or hold the waist of the person in front of them.


Excellent and remarkable post, Azizi.

√ Lyric | Song lyrics | Fatou Yo – Toure Kunda on

Whoever the children are in your life – your kids, your grandkids, y students, even yourself in your heart – Kid Songs Around The World is a wonderful way to help them experience other languages and cultures. You can listen to a recording of the poem below and read along with the text.

They [Del’s friends] think it is Wollof but mixed with another language. They worked their way up in the Parisian scene.

toure kunda fatou yo

Visitor comments are welcome. Songs in the Balanta Language. I have been trying in vain to find the meaning of the African folk song “Zimbole”.