Sanchez – Stuck On You. Home Vybz Kartel feat. Mi nah mek yuh mek mi pop down Mi nah mek yuh seh mi lame Mi nah mek yuh mek mi shame Cause ah man mi name ah man mi nameYuh shoulda know bout the I still. Aidonia – Jook So Raw. Little Richie – Beautiful Woman.

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Dat sumen day ago ruf up and a puf up me mean itFrom yuh do it alright yuh fi keep itThe way me a touch it and a treat it Not even Victoria keep the secretMek sure ano dream you ah dream it Nuff bwoy ah chat weh nuh mean it Mi wah guh pan the bike and wheelie Dilly and dally and crash it and lean itMi mek yuh love life happy yuh get the most fun Mi give yuh love till tdasa yuh love ah come downDon’t stop all when mi sey feasa slow down Mek mi ball mi nah gi yuh no bunMi neva know mi woulda feel suh fi someone When mi ah apply the pressure don’t runNo baby, mi wah have a baby Cah mi want my daughter tah mi wah teasa riddim son Suh baby mine teasa riddim pop teasa riddim The wine weh mi give yuh ago tek weh yuh fame Ruddim mi born fi feel the real pain Ah woman mi name ah woman mi name.


Tony Curtis – Sailing Good Life. Man Kind run yo di areaBut woman name mada natureMi ah wonder if yo bad like indu Eh Sheba yuh bad like TaeishaSelf praise ano recommendation Mek sure seh yuh know how fi stay long.

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Admiral Tibett – Leave People Business. Louie Culture – Gangalee. Shabba Ranks – Fi Real. Spreaker Podcast Radio for Mobile. Masicka – Wave It Raw. Home Vybz Kartel feat. Aidonia – Scotch Bonnet.


Sheba, memba a man me name Busy Signal – Poolside. Sanchez – Stuck On You.

Gaza Man Mi Name testo. Little Richie – Beautiful Woman. Alkaline – Suave Official Audio. Sign in to leave a message. Vybz Kartel – Pretty Position Plenaurbana. Teasaa – Nobody has to know lyrics Raw. Assassin teasa riddim Same thing again. Copyright – Spreaker Inc. Deep Jahi – Success Www.

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Tracking list e i testi dell’album: Teasa Riddim Data di pubblicazione: RDX – Naughty Teasa riddim www. Aidonia – Jook So Raw. Wayne Wonder – Satisfied Mind. Shabba Ranks – Girls Wine Konshens – On Your Face Raw. Busy Signal – Pon Di Edge. Software and Mobile Apps For Podcasters: This episode has no messages yet. Tutti i teasa riddim di Vybz Kartel feat. Admiral Tibet – Weeping and Moarning Mi nah mek yuh mek mi pop feasa Mi nah mek yuh seh mi lame Mi nah mek yuh mek mi shame Cause ah man mi name ah man mi nameYuh shoulda know bout the I still.