7 amazing reasons why you should go for day spa

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Spring rolls at the SPA Koh Chang, Thailand. The cooking was amazing, and very healthy.

What else can be more special than to treat yourself with relaxing and comforting spas and massages? Relaxing a day at spa and reaping its amazing benefits can make your day a lot special. Only after experiencing its heavenly and incredible delights, you can realise what a spa day can do to your body and mind. Hence, take time out of your busy schedule and unwind yourself in a spa for a day. Find out some of the amazing benefits of spa in the following
A spa day can treat your skin well

Certainly, you can go for those facials, deep cleaning, massage, exfoliation, treatment products, clean ups, etc. to bring amazing glow and renew your skin. However, nothing can beat the incredibly relaxing spa day. It will lend a glowing, healthy and youthful look and diminish all signs of acne, wrinkles and aging. Spa days in Northumberland are being made all the more soothing by the experts.

A spa day helps loosen the tension in your muscles

Spending hectic days at work, sitting at computer and desks for long actually lead to neck, back and shoulder pain. So, a spa day can help relieve the pain, reduce anxiety, and lessen joint pain, sports injuries, digestive disorders, soft tissue strains and headaches. In short it makes your body ready for another hectic day with more energy and power.

A relaxing spa can keep your nails healthy and gorgeous

The nail art can pamper your nails, besides and pedicures and manicures. More so, this will get rid of your aged skin and deliver a youthful appearance. The technicians usually apply oils and creams to nourish and moisturize your cuticles and skin to maintain young look.

A spa treatment helps you to detoxify

It includes moisturising and cleansing of skin. Body treatments, facials, scrubs, etc. eliminate impurities and heat packs or steam is applied to soften it. It will help your body release toxins and boost your immune system. Toxin makes the body and face dull and you look older than your age. A day in spa can actually take out all toxins in the body with powerful massage therapy with some effective natural oils.

Spa can de-stress you

Your tiring day might be spent at striding through the texts, emails and answering calls. So, treat yourself at a spa day to stay away from daily boredom and tiredness. It will keep you unplugged in a serene environment. Do not forget to keep your phone switched off.

A spa day can help alleviate stress

Stress is something that all of us have in present day world. You have to deal with it day in day out. It can lead to muscle soreness, headaches, tension, irritability, anxiety, and other adverse effects on mind and body. Pampering a day at spa and getting the treatment from the hands of the experts can help you fight the stress and relax. Stress management is an important thing to beat the stress and massage and meditation can help you experience it.

A spa day at Northumberland can let you take care of yourself

You can feel energised with a brighter outlook and renewed optimism, zeal and vigour for your life. Spa is an ideal place where you can concentrate on your personal rediscovery, healing and health and reflect on your life.

Hence, pampering a day at spa can soothe and comfort your body as well as refresh your mind. You will feel more energetic your skin will glow and the entire dead cell will vanish leaving a glowing and refresh skin.

Spa days in Northumberland are being made all the more soothing by the experts. You can contact call 01665 721600 or e-mail: info@ocean-club.co.uk.

5 Great Day Spa Services You Should Try Today

Return to Beauty the vook
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Return to Beauty by aesthetician Narine Nikogosian offers time-tested, healthy and inexpensive skin care regimens that readers can make at home. In this vook, Narine shares the secrets that have made her one of Hollywood’s top skin care specialists. Her advice is based upon information passed down from generations of gracefully aging women from her native Armenia, as well as her own experiences from twenty years of creating skin care programs for the Hollywood elite.

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If you want to unwind and at the same time improve your health then you may want to try some day spa services that are designed to achieve just that. This even if you can only afford to spend a couple of hours in a day. Let this article show you some of the services that can help you relax and stay healthy.

Maybe you are the typical working girl who have been burning the hours in the office or wherever it is that you are working. That you spend a great part of the day at work and you may even be working during the weekends. That is not a good thing because you will start to feel unhealthy like getting tired often, getting stressed and even not being able to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Here are some of the day spa services that not only can help you feel relaxed, but also stay healthy.

1. Detoxifying and weight loss body wraps.

There are body wraps that are designed to help you detoxify your body. What it does is it releases the toxins that your body have accumulated through constant exposure to pollution as well as with the bad foods that you eat. Aside from that, there are also wraps that can help you lose some inches. These are applied on the specific parts of your body that you would like to trim down.

2. Massages

There are specific massages that are performed to achieve specific goals. While most are for relaxation and getting rid of stress, there are also massages that can help you treat muscle strains and some minor body aches. A few of the more popular types of massages are: deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, aromatherapy massage, reflexology, hot stone massage, sports massage, and Thai massage.

3. Facial treatments

For many people you can easily tell if a person is healthy, energetic, or without any worries in life just by looking at her face. And so if you want to be as presentable as possible most of the time, getting some facial treatments would be a great option. Even just a simple facial is already a good first step in this goal.

While there are many facial treatments being offered in each day spa, here are some of the more popular ones: collagen facials, organic seaweed facials, microdermabrasion, glycolic acid peel, back facial, and acne facial.

4. Pedicures and manicures

For some people their way of relaxation is getting their nails done. If they get a little nail pampering then are all good to go for a day of unwinding. Because you will feel more confident if you have a beautiful set of nails which only the professionals can help you achieve. But there is also nothing wrong with getting just a simple nail polish if that is what you just want.

5. Hydrotherapy

There are some day spa services, like a day spa Sunshine Coast, that are also offering hydrotherapy. Now this one is a bit broad because basically anything that uses water as its main tool to get you relaxed or detoxified can fall under this category. There are hydrotherapies to help clean your colon, lungs, and sinuses. There are also those that simply helps to open up your pores. Just ask your spa attendant which one is best for you.

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Four Modern Spa Treatments and Why You Should Try Them

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Beautiful woman receiving hotstone massage at spa and wellness center

Spa Health Benefits of Reflexology, Mud Baths, Wasabi Wraps and Color Therapy!

No one can accuse spas of being boring. There’s plenty of innovation and experimentation in the spa industry. One day, yoga is gentle, another day yoga is hot and sweaty. Some days, you can get chocolate facials, yet another day, you’ll come across leech facials (yep, leaches sucking their skin is apparently something that folks in this world enjoy). A lot of spa enthusiasts like to play it safe with their spa health benefits and choices. They know what they want and they become regularly addicted to their pet massages and yoga postures.

But if you are someone, who likes to experiment with the latest new spa trend and cannot wait to try new treatments that will both entertain and heal you, we’ve got some suggestions. Check out these 4 Spa treatments that are popular with several of the more adventurous spa goers; we guarantee you a healthy, happy time!

1. Reflexology: You’ve probably seen reflexology on the television. A therapist touches the pressure points of someone else’s body to get rid of pain (or in some TV shows or movies, to cause pain!). That is somewhat true in real life as well (not the pain, only the pleasure!). Reflexology involves selective pressing of points in the hands, feet and ears of clients with thumbs and pressures. The therapists vary their pressure according to the cure they are seeking.

Reflexology Spa Health Benefits: It’s no hidden mystery what they are doing. Reflexologists merely manipulate our nervous system to send signals to our body to detoxify and release pain. The pressure points in our bodies have clear correlation with our anatomy, and when one point is touched, messages are transmitted through the nervous system. Reflexology can improve internal circulatory systems and immunity, as well as help our bodies get rid of all kinds of toxins.

2. Mud Baths: You don’t get to play around in mud like a careless child, alas. But what you do get is thick layers of specially formulated bud put all over your face and parts of your body. This mud is made from clay, silt, soil and water recovered from special places around the world. It contains naturally found vitamins and minerals to add to your health and beauty.

Mud Bath Spa Health Benefits: Mud Baths do a lot of things at once. The mud in these baths is grainy so it acts as a good exfoliant, getting the dead skin off of you and allowing your skin pores to open up. Because of all the vitamins and minerals in these baths, they help make the skin supple and healthy. Most importantly, mud baths rid the skin and the body of several toxins and wastes. The mud dries up and soaks up these excess products in our body. It might be messy to put on, but a mad bath spa has health benefits that will make you glow for days to come!

3. Wasabi Body Wraps: Most people are afraid of Wasabi. It has a very strong, spicy taste and can bring even the most culinary adventurous people to tears. Yet, the same Wasabi is an excellent source for a body wrap. Wasabi is a Japanese herbal root that is often used as an au-natural ingredient in body wraps. In spas, wasabi is often mixed with white tea, honey, sugar and other ingredients to neutralize the smell and heat of the wrap.

Wasabi Wrap Spa Health benefits: This body wrap has pretty far-reaching spa health benefits. Wasabi is a natural antibacterial so it helps improve the skin’s hygiene and purify your body. Our skin is an organ and soaks up a lot of the wasabi that goes inside our blood streams. It helps improve the circulation of blood and creates bright, clear skin.

4. Color Therapy: Spas have now started using color therapy to clear energy blocks in the bodies of customers and decrease bodily pains. Spas have started using pods and colored lights, blocks and different colored substances to create vibrational harmony in the body and bring different parts of the body into alignment.

Color Therapy Spa Health benefits: Color therapy is based on the concept of vibrational energy. Scientific research in this arena is limited, but spas claim that different parts of our body vibrate to different frequencies which causes disorders, and color therapy is a way to correct such discrepancies.

This is an article by Debbie Lake who writes more about spa health benefits and spa services at her website.

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