Generating Spa Revenue With Education

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As the spa industry shifts from pampering to wellness, this action creates a need for wellness education! As spa and wellness professionals we have the responsibility to provide clients with the knowledge, treatments, products, and tools to help them live a healthier lifestyle, look younger, and feel better. Fulfilling this new need is a great opportunity for clients and for you, because through education you are able to increase your revenue. Here are 5 easy to implement educational strategies that will help your guests/clients and increase your bottom line.

The Hottest Educational Topics

1) Relaxation Training: We all lead very busy and hectic lives, and sometimes we are moving so fast that we forget to breathe and recharge. Educating your clients on relaxation training and breathing exercise with essential oils is a very fun and interactive educational experience, and it will help you sell a lot of products.

2) De-stress Programs: The number one reason people visit spas is to de-stress; yet, most menus offer only massage. A massage is nice, but is not lasting. You can offer a de-stress educational event and offer the attendees a De-stress recipe for home. Provide them with tips, and introduce them to de-stress products they can buy from you to help them relax and live a stress free life between massages at home.

3) Weight Management: Being overweight is one of the biggest problems people are facing in this day and age. People desperately need to develop healthier eating habits. You can team up with a chef who can share tips on how to shop and prepare healthy food. Also, you can educate them on how to detox with some of your treatments, your supplements, and treatments.

4) Healthy and Youthful Looking Skin: Most spas focus on a la carte treatments; however, if you want to fulfill your professional obligation and truly help your clients look their very best, the spa must focus on education. The clients need to know the importance of preventative care and how to follow a skin care program to ensure youthful and healthy looking skin for both face and body. This event will generate many series and program reservation, as well as skin care sales.

5) Make Me Beautiful: Make-up is an untapped revenue stream within most spas and salons. Not many have a make-up menu, and if they do it’s not promoted very much. Education is a great way to bring forth make-up interest. Your educational event can include application lessons with a trial kit to get attendees engaged and trying your makeup products.

*Keep in mind when you host live event it’s crucial to involve and engage your guests. The speaker should be skilled, prepared, and able create excitement about the topic.

Hosting your Educational Event

Most spas and salons host on-site events, but there are other methods to host educational events! Here are few suggestions to help you set yourself apart from others.

1) On-site in the spa: This is the most popular and obvious method to host the event at the spa.

2) Teleconference: An innovative method is to do a teleconference! You don’t have to worry about space, setting up the event, refreshments, and all the other tasks you would have to for a live event. And the best advantage about a teleconference is that you can record them and now you can repurpose this educational event for web use, as podcast, a CD, and more.

3) Webinars: Another innovative method is to host a webinar. Webinars are great because they provide you a visual experience in addition to audio. You can show a demonstration and a presentation, making the event more engaging. This also can be recorded and shown on demand on your website!

Generating Revenue

Events will help you generate excitement, introduce new treatments and products, educate your guests, and yes, generate revenue! However, many spas and salons miss out on this opportunity because they don’t make an offer urging the attendees to take action.

1) Make an Offer: Many spas forget this crucial revenue strategy. At the end of your lecture, you must make an offer to help the guest’s live a healthier lifestyle via your treatments and products. The offer can include treatments and home care recipes for health and wellness products. If you don’t make an offer, you will be cheating them of your professional advice and you are cutting yourself short of revenue opportunity. Come up with a great offer!

2) Added Value: Create urgency to buy now by providing added value. Added value is much nicer than discounts. This offer should only be valid if they join or purchase during the event. It’s your urgency. Make your added value a great reason to join or purchase now.

3) Close: To ensure success, provide your attendees with an order form to complete and return to you to process the sale. Don’t be afraid to close; remember, you are helping them live a healthier lifestyle!

Go ahead begin planning your educational event and experience exponential growth!

Dori Soukup is a recognized spa consultant expert, speaker, coach and author. Dori is the founder and CEO of InSPAration Management a business firm that specializes in providing business solutions to spa and salon leaders. The firm offers education via CDs, DVDs, Coaching Memberships, Seminars, and more. To learn more, visit InSPArationManagement.