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Nail technicians and skin-care specialists (the salon workers who do the most waxing) earn a mean annual pre-tax wage of ,150 to ,990. This figure doesn’t include tips, which can total another ,430 to ,398—a clear financial incentive to befriend your clients in this service-based, nonreciprocal way.

And yet. When it came to 38, I wanted the cash, not the compliment, to show the value of my abilities. And maybe, to compensate for how she got to leave feeling so clean and sexy—but I could still smell her body on me, ever so faintly, even after I threw away the gloves and washed my hands.

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I’m not sure what the phrase “owning your sexuality” means to you, but for me, one thing it entails is responsibility: doing my best to make sexual choices that are sound for me and a partner. (That’s also part of doing consent well.)

If I am offering something sexually light and fun but anticipate that it will be emotionally or interpersonally complex–or if I’m feeling stressed, confused and worried about it–then I can know that easy-breezy is neither what I can expect nor earnestly offer.

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Can Sex “Just for Fun” Be Emotionally Healthy?
October 11, 2011 by Heather Corinna…

This week’s installment of Heather Corinna‘s sex-and-relationships advice column tackles the issue of casual sex.

…Q: So excited for this new blog spot! Can you discuss whether it’s emotionally healthy to have sex outside of relationships? I want to own my sexuality, but all of the advice around me seems to be no-sex-outside-of-relationships-or-marriage. I know this depends on the individual, but any insight would be great! I’ve been toying with asking an ex–whom I am friends with–to have sex just for fun. I’m 98 percent sure he’ll agree, but I am worried about emotional health consequences. He has always wanted a much closer relationship than I do. I’m worried I’ll feel guilty for possibly leading him (or myself) into wanting more.

You’re right: this is a very individual and situational decision. To give some context, a recent study found that, on average, for 20-year-olds, casual sex and committed relationships led to the same level of psychological health. But individuals aren’t averages. Not everyone wants or is comfortable with sex in the same kinds of relationships or scenarios (including committed relationships). Context and interpersonal dynamics factor in, too.

There are some guidelines, however, that everyone can apply. When a sexual situation is likely to be sound, we usually feel good heading into it, as does anyone else involved. If we feel uncertain or predict negative feelings on anyone’s part, those are strong cues not to proceed.

I’m not sure what the phrase “owning your sexuality” means to you, but for me, one thing it entails is responsibility: doing my best to make sexual choices that are sound for me and a partner. (That’s also part of doing consent well.) If I am offering something sexually light and fun but anticipate that it will be emotionally or interpersonally complex–or if I’m feeling stressed, confused and worried about it–then I can know that easy-breezy is neither what I can expect nor earnestly offer.

Even when I’m having sex-for-sex’s-sake–which I would define as sex that takes place outside of a larger intimate relationship, without any agreed-upon, intended or implied commitment–that doesn’t mean I have zero responsibility for my emotional health or that of others. My partner (or wanna-be partner) and I still owe one another respect, care and consideration, which includes considering possible outcomes, even if we don’t intend to be there with each other for them.

It sounds like you’re on board with that, and you’ve already voiced your own sense that this specific situation probably isn’t sound for you or your ex. While he’d likely agree to sex, clearly some of this wouldn’t be fun for him or you, and could be an emotional landmine. While your romantic relationship may be over, you two are in a relationship: you have a history and a friendship, and it sounds like you have strong feelings for and about one another that are not only or primarily sexual. If what you want is just a roll in the proverbial hay, this isn’t likely to be it.

It also sounds like you’ve been curious about sex outside of romantic relationships, but you haven’t felt supported in or exposed to alternatives. So you might also want to give yourself more time to take a bit more stock of what you want and to find people to talk with who aren’t all saying the same things. If that’s not currently available to you, Sex & Single Girls is a great anthology with a diverse array of women writing about various sexual experiences. I also think Jaclyn Friedman’s new book, What You Really Really Want, could be just the thing for you.

My best advice is that you hold out for an opportunity to explore casual sex if and when you feel a lot better about it. That will also likely entail a partner or scenario you don’t feel so conflicted about; that feels more likely to be explosive in the ways you want, rather than the ways you don’t.

Check out last week’s advice about lube blues.

Have a sex, sexual-health or relationships question you want answered? Email it to Heather at By sending a question to that address, you acknowledge you give permission for your question to be published. Your email address and any other personally identifying information will remain private. Not all questions will receive answers.
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When the Sweet Spot Becomes a Sore Spot
October 31, 2011 by Heather Corinna…

Q: I’m a 21-year-old lesbian. A problem has popped up in me and my girlfriend’s sex life. When we practice tribadism with just skin, after a while a very small raw spot will show up, bringing with it a sharp pain. Both of us have this problem. Neither of us is clean-shaven, but we do trim–would shaving help? Is there anything else we can do?

A: Ah, friction. Sometimes it feels so awesome. Other times it hurts. Part of what makes genitals so sensitive is that genital tissue is far more delicate than other kinds of skin on our bodies. With genital friction, there’s a tipping point after which a wowie can turn into an owie.

To avoid being rubbed raw, first make sure you and your partner are always very well-lubricated. Lube from a bottle tends to do the job better than our bodies’ lubricant when it comes to friction-intensive sex.

Apply lube before you start and add more as needed throughout. Be generous and don’t skimp.

I checked in with Searah Deysach, the fantastic owner of Early to Bed, to see if she had any specific lube suggestions; she keeps up with brands and types like nobody’s business. She suggested a high-quality silicone lube, such as Uberlube or Sliquid Silver–they tend to be longer-lasting and slicker than water-based lubricants. But if you prefer water-based, she suggests glycerin-free brands such as Sliquid Sea or Liquid Silk (my fave), which are kinder to vulvas and vaginas than those with glycerin.
Searah and I are of one mind about hairy issues. She says, “Hair that is growing back after shaving can be especially irritating, as stubble can be vicious on delicate tissues. “ I agree. Stubble from hair removal is more likely to irritate than the softer pubic hair we tend to have when we don’t shave. If all you do is trim, chances are hair isn’t the problem.

Consider positioning. I’d suggest experimenting with an eye for reducing how much weight is being put on each of your genitals. Try finding ways you can scissor without anyone really being “on top” at all, like lying on your backs toe to head. Searah suggested straddling your lover’s thigh as an alternative. Similar feeling, less pain. If you do like a missionary-style V-on-V position, whoever’s on top can try to balance so less weight rests on the other person’s tender bits–e.g., by bracing their hands on a headboard. Mixing up positions often helps, too. And if and when either of you start feeling raw, don’t keep going with the activity that got you there–take a break from genital sex or at least consider that spot done for the day. If it remains raw the next day, lay off the intense pressure for as long as it takes to heal.

Now and then this still might happen, especially because, when we’re very aroused, pleasure can cause us to space out on signals of pain. But with these adjustments, you can probably make it a rarity instead of a norm.

Check out last week’s advice to a woman whose fiancé monitored her vagina’s size.

Have a sex, sexual-health or relationships question you want answered? Email it to Heather at By sending a question to that address, you acknowledge you give permission for your question to be published. Your email address and any other personally identifying information will remain private. Not all questions will receive answers.

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My Year in Waxing School
Naked people don’t tip well, and more tricks of the trade.
By Virginia Sole-Smith|Posted Friday, Nov. 19, 2010, at 12:08 PM ET…

The 38th client I worked on at Beauty U. was my first full Brazilian wax—the kind where you remove all (or almost all) of your hair below the belt. I’d waxed many bikini lines and other body parts. I’d also assisted on Brazilians, handing my teachers wax-dipped Popsicle sticks the way nurses hand over scalpels. But now, it was my turn to wield the wax, solo. "I know—I’m a hairy beast!" Client 38 apologized, hopping onto the waxing table, clad in disposable thong. "You have to fix me. I’m going on vacation with my boyfriend."

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She spread her legs. I put on some vinyl gloves and worked down and across her pelvis, twirling clumps of hair and trimming them free. You have to trim any hair longer than eyebrow-length to prevent "locking" with the wax. You also have to act like this is normal, even though a part of your brain is thinking, "Pubic hair, pubic hair, oh my God, pubic hair." But I was getting better at trimming, and also at acting. And so clouds of hair piled up on the paper-covered table while 38 chatted about her vacation plans (the Poconos; if she was lucky, a proposal), her C-section scar, and how she liked my red glasses.

The .8 billion business of superfluous hair removal is our most intimate and uncomfortable kind of beauty labor. When I enrolled in a 600-hour aesthetics program at my local strip mall beauty school, I knew the standard feminist rhetoric against hair removal: Women wax because we’ve been culturally indoctrinated to hate our bodies in their natural state. I also knew the women’s magazine defense, that removing excess hair celebrates our femininity and increases sexual pleasure. And I’d been in 38’s position enough to know that waxing can make you feel vulnerable in ways feminists haven’t even considered and hurts more than women’s magazines (or at least, their beauty advertisers) let you believe.

But being on the other side of the waxing table turns out to feel simultaneously more exploitative and more empowering than I ever expected. There is, for example, the moment when your client shuts off from you, closing her eyes to "relax." Your client is in charge, having commissioned you to perform this service. And yet they are also terribly vulnerable, half naked, exposed and—eyes closed—hoping for the best.

After I trimmed, I tested the temperature of the hot wax on the inside of my wrist and painted a stripe along 38’s inner thigh, quickly covering it with a muslin strip. She tensed before I ripped, then relaxed even as her brown skin tinted pink: "That hurt so much less than last time!" I watched some spots of blood well up. "I’m going to have you do my eyebrows, too," she added. And as I waxed my way along the crevice of her inner thigh to some very sensitive parts, 38 closed her eyes, drifting into that blissful state we enter whenever a spa service goes well.

With most Beauty U. clients, I liked offering this respite from their harried lives and from the even more harried relationship they had with their bodies. Before beauty school began, I hoped this body shame part wouldn’t be so true. Instead, I saw women hating their bodies—in subtle ways, like 38’s matter-of-fact "I’m a hairy beast!"—with every spa service I performed. So I saw my role as providing a kind of safe haven of acceptance, where a client could feel comfortable enough to drift away

Two hours into 38’s appointment, I was the one who could not relax. I had waxed right through my dinner break and my back ached from hunching over the table. I removed all the hair 38 had asked me to (all but a delicate landing strip) and cleaned up her brows. I held a hand mirror between her legs, angling it so she could decide if she was satisfied. I’d snipped off her paper thong, so we looked together like those consciousness-raising women’s groups from the 1970s. Only with me still wearing my vinyl gloves, now sticky with a layer of wax.

By that time, I knew that 38 had two kids, was divorced, and was going back to college. I liked 38. I wanted her to enjoy vacation and get engaged and have a good life. But we weren’t friends. There was nothing reciprocal in our conversation. We were taught to avoid sharing personal information about ourselves whenever possible. "Customers don’t care about your life," teachers told us. "They’re buying your full attention." And that seemed to work. Once clients relaxed, they told us all sorts of personal things, like when they next expected to have sex and why their mothers made them crazy. And we learned that letting clients share these intimate details was good for business. "Remember to mention something about them or their life that they’ve talked about previously. Keep notes about each customer on file if you need to," advised one handout. It was much like being a therapist, serving soul and body.

In April, the New York Post reported that "NYC Women are Strangely Bonded to the Beauticians who Wax Their Brazilians," quoting smitten spa-goers who viewed their waxers as surrogate moms. But the story didn’t explain how this one-sided friendship is made all the more awkward by socioeconomic differences. No matter how friendly their relationship, the client still pays and the waxer still needs that money. Nail technicians and skin-care specialists (the salon workers who do the most waxing) earn a mean annual pre-tax wage of ,150 to ,990. This figure doesn’t include tips, which can total another ,430 to ,398—a clear financial incentive to befriend your clients in this service-based, nonreciprocal way.

Before starting, I assumed that most clients tip the industry’s expected standard of 20 percent. They don’t. I wasn’t surprised, for example, when 38 tipped me just (under 15 percent) because we never got big tips when clients got naked. Like johns who mistake their hooker’s acrobatics for true love, clients can put such emphasis on the girlfriend-bonding time that slipping us a wad of cash would destroy the fantasy.

If her tip had been bigger, I would have been more delighted that 38 had taken time to write a "Client Kudos!" card about me: "She was professional and friendly at the same time. … Thanks so much!" She even drew a star on top next to my name. "That makes up for the bad tip," said my classmate Campbell about my Client Kudos. "Look how happy you made her!" Most salon workers say making clients feel good is their biggest source of job satisfaction. But I’m not convinced it’s enough to balance out the often exhausting, difficult, and underpaid labor. No matter how much we liked our clients, we still had to brush stray pubic hairs off our sleeves, pick seaweed-stained disposable thongs out of the shower, and work around the occasional menstruating bikini wax client.

But it’s also true that many waxers find this work empowering because the services require such skill and our clients are so thrilled with the results. Even if we don’t totally return our clients’ affections, we feel a kind of sisterhood with them and our fellow salon workers, because we’re all toiling away together to meet some impossible beauty standard. When Campbell and I practiced our first Brazilian together, she rubbed the back of our "client" (another classmate), singing songs to distract her from the pain. We all traded stories about waxing and then, childbirth—that other time when a woman spreads her legs in pain and the support of other women gets her through.

And yet. When it came to 38, I wanted the cash, not the compliment, to show the value of my abilities. And maybe, to compensate for how she got to leave feeling so clean and sexy—but I could still smell her body on me, ever so faintly, even after I threw away the gloves and washed my hands.

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Time clears the things / El tiempo aclara las cosas
healthy spa
Image by SantiMB.Photos
Baños de Panticosa, Huesca (Spain), 21:30 GMT+2.

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Not to be deceived: it’s a night shot. At first glance I only intuited the white of the snow above and the one of the waterfall in the middle, and the post of the left. Half minute of exposure to maximum opening have revealed more details, like the trees and the railings of the bottom, another waterfall at right, and even the vegetation of the bottom of the lake in close-up (and still fishes?).

No engañarse: es una foto nocturna. A simple vista sólo se intuía el blanco de la nieve de arriba y el de la cascada del centro, y el poste de la izquierda. Medio minuto de exposición a máxima abertura han revelado más detalles, como los árboles y las barandillas del fondo, otra cascada a la derecha, y hasta la vegetación del fondo de la laguna en primer plano (¿y peces quietos?).

Panticosa is a charming village on the river Caldarés, at a height of 1200 metres. With traditional stone large ancestral homes, steep narrow streets and evocative corners. The village is known as summer hideaway for relaxation and healthy living.

Surrounded by majestically beautiful mountains, sprinkled with mountain lakes and lofty heights of over 3000 metres. It is the ideal place to enjoy all types of outdoor sports and allows the visitor to discover some truly unique locations.

The foundations of the church are Romanesque from the 13th century, it has a Gothic-Aragonese altarpiece (oil on panel) from 1480 and a reredos depicting saints in polychrome alabaster.

There is also a ski-resort, whose pistes are accessible from a large open area next to the river, where the cable car leaves from. In the summer it is also possible to undertake some amazing excursions using the same cable car which can take us to mountain lakes Asnos, Sabocos and the natural vantage point at Cuartale heights. Within, what is known as the municipal area of Panticosa, one can find the well known Panticosa Spa at a height of 1636 metres and El Pueyo de Jaca, a village on the banks of the Búbal reservoir, where the rivers Gállego and Caldarés meet.

The Panticosa Spa is a privileged and unique enclave, nestling at a height of 1630 metres in the interior of a depression of glacial origin. The sides are formed from granite with peaks of over 3000 metres, such as Argualas 3046 metres, Garmo Negro 3051 metres and Infierno 3082 metres. From the peaks rain water collects initially in mountain lakes such as (Azules, Perico or Bachimaña) and later flows down to lake Iso Baños located within the Spa.

The discovery of Roman coins from the reign of emperors Augustus and Tiberius in the vicinity of the Tiberius spring, demonstrates the presence of a Roman settlement and their use of thermal water in the area.

In 1286 King Pedro of Aragon gave the royal charter to the place known as ‘Quiñon de Panticosa’ (District of Panticosa), on Mount Plan de Ibón, where later the Spa was to be built. The written history of the Spa begins at the beginning of the 17th century and coincides with the rise of the traditional spa and the upsurge in interest in thermalism amongst the European elites. In 1694 the first building of the area was built.

It is in the 19th century when the spa acquires its present layout. A garden is designed and trees are planted in the grounds. Its distinctive buildings and springs are built. In the first half of the 20th century the spa becomes a very popular thermal resort for a large part of the Spanish bourgeoisie. Many illustrious guests at the resort have included Alfonso XIII, Niceto Alcalá Zamora, Ortega y Gasset, Ramón y Cajal, Primo de Rivera, Perico Chicote, Zarrra, Iriondo, Paniza…

In 1966 the Spa was designated a place of National Tourist Interest.

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Panticosa (Pandicosa en aragonés) es una localidad de la provincia de Huesca, situada en la comarca del Alto Gállego en España. Panticosa es un pueblo de montaña de unos 600 habitantes (632 en 2006) en el que se encuentra la estación de esquí alpino Panticosa los Lagos, actualmente del grupo Aramón. Está situado en el valle de Tena a pocos kilómetros de Formigal y de Sallent de Gállego. Su economía, antaño basada en la ganadería, hoy en día está basada en el turismo ya que dispone de numerosos hoteles y restaurantes que se llenan al completo en invierno y en verano.

Se cita por primera vez en el siglo XIII, constaba de 4 vicos, el de Santa María, San Salvador, Sus y Exena ya desaparecido. Entre 1900 y 1950, llegó a contar con casi 900 habitantes, los edificios del pueblo datan en su mayoría del siglo XIX (epoca de máximo esplendor del Balneario), se pueden destacar la Iglesia Parroquial de la Asunción del siglo XVI de estilo gótico tardío y el puente de Caldarés construido en 1556 por Beltrán de Betbedé.

Panticosa puede jactarse de guardar una de las variedades de la lengua aragonesa (fabla) más conservadas, el pandicuto. Junto al patués, al ansotano, al cheso, al chistabín, esta lengua es una de las que mayor peso ha tenido para conformar el aragonés como lengua unificada debido a ser unión del aragonés oriental con el occidental. A su vez es el que mejor se ha conservado en el valle de Tena, (uno de los valles más masificados).

El balneario de Panticosa es un enclave privilegiado y único. Situado a 1.630 metros de altitud en el interior de la cubeta glacial del río Caldarés, cuyas paredes graníticas están formadas por picos de más de 3.000 metros de altura como Argualas-3.046-Garmo Negro-3.051-Infierno -3.082- y desde cuyas alturas comienzan a discurrir las aguas, recogidas inicialmente en ibones (Azules,Perico o Bachimaña) y que posteriormente bajarán hasta el Ibón de lso Baños situado en el mismo Balneario.

El hallazgo de unas monedas romanas de Augusto y Tiberio en las inmediaciones del manantial de Tiberio evidencia la presencia romana en este enclave y el uso consciente de las aguas termales desde esa época.

En 1286 el rey Pedro de Aragón hace la concesión real al llamado Quiñón de Panticosa, del monte Plan de Ibón donde se ubicaría posteriormente el Balneario de Panticosa.
La historia escrita del Balneario comienza en los primeros años del siglo XVII y coincide con la recuperación de la tradición balnearia y el auge del termalismo entre las élites europeas. En 1694 se construye el primer edificio en este paraje.

Es en el siglo XIX cuando el Balneario se configura como el lugar que hasta hoy hemos conocido. Se ajardina y foresta el recinto, se construyen sus emblemáticos edificios y sus fuentes.

En la primera mitad del siglo XX, el Balneario es el centro termal por excelencia para amplios sectores de la burguesía española. En el complejo se alojaron personales ilustres como Alfonso XIII, Niceto Alcalá Zamora,Ortega y Gasset,Santiago Ramón y Cajal, Primo de Rivera, Perico Chicote, Zarrra, Iriondo,Paniza…

En 1966 fue declarado de Interés Turístico Nacional.

Más info:,…

The number of people battling with weight issues has risen doubling the number of those interested in losing weight. Weight loss is not something that happens overnight and yet, there are tons of ‘quick weight loss’ programs in the market. Such quick fixes might sound inviting and worth trying out, but they can be dangerous. The best thing is to follow healthy routines and regimes in order to lose weight. One way through which you can achieve healthy weight loss is by going to spa retreats.

These retreats are perfect for the simple reason they give you the chance to spend time with highly qualified professionals and they can help you achieve your weight loss goals without much trouble. These professionals develop specialized programs for the purpose of ensuring you enjoy sustainable and healthy weight loss. A large number of the spas available now offer spa retreats for weight loss. This is in response to the increasing demand of the same. There are a couple of things included in the spa retreat package and this might include, accommodation which is offered through hotels associated with the selected, tailor made fitness regime, the go ahead to use all facilities in the spa such as the gym, Jacuzzi, sauna and pool.

In addition to this, during your stay in the spa, you also get to enjoy different types of spa treatments that are weight loss focused and the best nutritional meals that take you a step closer to achieving your weight loss goals. Upon arrival at the retreat, a physical assessment needs to be carried out in order to ensure you get the most from your stay there. A professional health consultant will be assigned to attend to you. They will analyze you by prodding, poking and making you stand on a weighing scale. They will use the information they get to calculate your mass body index, fat and distribution of the same in your body. In addition to this, they will also determine the resting metabolic rate.

A dietitian will also be assigned to attend to your needs and they often take the opportunity to discuss what your goals are. They help ensure you set some realistic goals as well. From there, they will be responsible for reviewing the type of food you eat, when and whether it is ideal for you. You will be required to tell the dietitian about your eating habits so they can draw up a plan that is perfect for your weight loss goals. It is extremely important that you be extremely honest when disclosing this information if you intend to benefit from the same.

Spa retreats also have a doctor who is responsible for checking your health condition and ensuring that the treatment offered at the spa does not affect your health. As part of the retreat, you will also get to work with a personal trainer. For those with low fitness levels, the professionals focus on balance and flexibility. In addition to this, you will be required to join fitness classes. There will be other services offered which are geared towards helping you with weight loss and ensuring you enjoy overall good health.

Hidden Valley Forest Retreat provides unique, world class, self contained accommodation in an incredibly diverse and pristine pocket of bushland in the world renowned Margaret river wine region of Western Australia. Click on their website for more information.

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