Water Exercise: Spa & Pool Exercise Light Weight Equipment

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Low impact exercise can be done in your spa or pool. Exercising with light weight equipment offers many benefits. Gentle on the joints, water exercises are good for pregnant women, people with joint or back problems and the overweight. Using lightweight equipment allows for less strain on the muscles. A basic piece for water exercising is the flotation belt, the swim bars, fins, kick boards and hand paddles. Water provides warmth and buoyancy. Spas provide access to warm water to exercise at home. The warm water relaxes the muscles allowing them to perform better. With relaxed muscles you get an overall feeling of comfort. Pools offer more space than spas for exercising, letting you do a wider variety and more vigorous exercise program.

The light weight equipments that are useful for exercise and easy to use in the pool or spa are these following equipments. A buoyancy belt can help to suspend you in deeper water. Using a kick board helps build leg muscles. Lightweight dumb bells and wrist weights add resistance to tone and strengthen the upper body. Weights let you do biceps curls and chest press in the water for more resistance. Using the weights on your legs, do kicks in the water to build muscle. Swim bars work great for upper body workouts. Be sure to wear proper water shoes for stability and traction in the spa or pool. A good pair of water shoes can provide buoyancy.

If you think spa or pool exercise are only healthy but are not entertained activity, so there’re the ways to inspire you to do it. If you have your private pool at your home or public pools or spas near your place, it is very convenience for you to exercise with light weight equipment as much as you want. Then you can enjoy this healthy activity with you family or friends that will encourage you more than do it alone. And using your favorite music or relaxing music can also another way to support you to have fun by design and maintenance your exercise program continuously. This water exercise should be done at least once a week or it is better if you can do it 3-4 times a week but the duration is up to your age and how physically strong you are.

There are many benefits gained through water exercise. The following benefits are only sample benefits that you will get after spa and pool exercise. The first one is that water exercising works your muscles and help tone them while working your heart for better health. Then the second is weight loss that is also achieved through the use of a spa or pool exercise routine with light weight equipment. Next is one of the important benefits that are water exercise can help lower blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure and reduce stress. So no matter what fitness level you are, what your age is, what gender you are, or your ability in exercise, finding a spa and pool exercise using lightweight equipment is meet your needs for your future of healthy life.

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