Spa Breaks – The Most Relaxing Holidays Of All

Midnight Milky Lagoon – The Geothermal Baths of Iceland
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Image by Stuck in Customs
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This is a portion of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland just after dusk. The water was a hot and steamy milky-white, filled with all kind of nutrients and minerals. At this time of night, there was hardly anyone inside, so I felt like less lecherous walking around a swimming pool with my camera.

While many dream of faraway lands in order to take a relaxing a break from the trials and tribulations of life, others realise that the most relaxing holidays of all can be found on your doorstep. Spa breaks are growing in popularity all the time, as people appreciate the range of treatments and activities which are offered by spa hotels. Whether you want to unwind with an essential or massage or wish to work out in state of the art gyms, spa breaks have what you are looking for, and they’re something which everyone should experience at least once.

Spa breaks can last as long as you like – some people choose to spend a whole week at a spa resort being pampered and indulged. This gives them the ability to try a greater number of the treatments, services and facilities on offer. Most people tend to take a weekend spa break, arriving on a Friday afternoon and leaving on Sunday, reinvigorated for work on Monday. Spa hotels and resorts are designed with guests comfort and convenience as a high priority, and they are often situated in the most tranquil and relaxed settings. You’d probably be surprised at the number of spa hotels and spa breaks available in your area as often they can be tucked away.

Remember that a spa holiday is not about eating and drinking too much. Some resorts allow guests to cater for themselves during their stay, but using the resort restaurant is much more common, and this will normally be stocked with super healthy and tasty locally-sourced food. They usually provide healthy, well-balanced meals for guests so when they return home they are healthier than when they left.

Once you are at a spa hotel or resort, it’s time to try to decide upon some treatments and activities for you to enjoy during your stay. There’s relaxing treatments like essential oil massages, sauna sessions or facials, as well as physical activities to be found in state of the art gyms or other sports facilities. Some even have their own golf courses. Many health spas also specialise in beauty treatments, so there’s something for everybody. Whether it’s relaxing by the pool or sweating it out in the gym, spa resorts have trained professionals who can help recommend the most appropriate treatments and facilities for your use. Many even offer different types of exercise classes including yoga.

If you or somebody you know is stressed out, then consider a spa break. You could even gift them a spa voucher, so they can enjoy desired treatments at times convenient to them. It’s important to unwind every now and again, and it’s hard to consider a more relaxing break than a spa holiday.

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