Your Guide to Options for Hot Tub and Spa Covers

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Spa covers are critical for proper and healthy maintenance of your hot tub. With many different materials, sizes, shapes, and features, there are a lot of different choices for consumers when they go shopping for new lids. It just so happens that the temperatures that people set their tubs to are prime temperatures for growing bacteria. Covers can help reduce the growth of bacteria and other nasties. Not only that but spa covers can keep heat in, debris, dirt, children and pets out, and can add to the life of your spa a great deal.

Dont underestimate the importance of ordering the right size for your hot tub. If spa covers are either too small or way too big, they wont be able to effectively keep dirt and debris out of the tub. In addition, the safety risks that an inappropriate cover presents to children and pets can lead to tragedy. Make sure that you have the exact make and model of your hot tub, along with an accurate measurement of the tub either from rim to rim or just from one side of the acrylic tub to the other.

Take into consideration the different strengths that spa covers are available in. There are some thinner, softer covers that will keep out leaves, twigs, and dirt, and there are others that are hard and strong enough to have two adults be able to stand on them. If you live in an area that gets lots of snow and ice in the winter, youll want a lid that will be able to withstand that kind of weight and stress. Along with strength, spa covers come in different degrees of insulating ability, so be sure to consider that as well.

The next thing to consider is the ease of use. Everyone would like a lid that easily taken on and off, and while some covers are one solid piece, others are constructed out of two or three different pieces that can fold over each other for application or removal. There are also spa cover lifters, which are mechanical or hydraulic arms that can help lift the lids on and off for you. A cover that is too cumbersome and heavy is not only a danger to the back, but may also make someone not want to use the cover at all, and there goes their healthy, clean spa.

Hot tub lids really are not only about protecting your investment but is also about protecting children, pets, and other family members when the tub is not in use. Make it a point to always use spa covers, and youll avoid the hassle of maintaining a dirty tub or a tragedy occurring should someone fall into it.

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