5 Great Day Spa Services You Should Try Today

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If you want to unwind and at the same time improve your health then you may want to try some day spa services that are designed to achieve just that. This even if you can only afford to spend a couple of hours in a day. Let this article show you some of the services that can help you relax and stay healthy.

Maybe you are the typical working girl who have been burning the hours in the office or wherever it is that you are working. That you spend a great part of the day at work and you may even be working during the weekends. That is not a good thing because you will start to feel unhealthy like getting tired often, getting stressed and even not being able to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Here are some of the day spa services that not only can help you feel relaxed, but also stay healthy.

1. Detoxifying and weight loss body wraps.

There are body wraps that are designed to help you detoxify your body. What it does is it releases the toxins that your body have accumulated through constant exposure to pollution as well as with the bad foods that you eat. Aside from that, there are also wraps that can help you lose some inches. These are applied on the specific parts of your body that you would like to trim down.

2. Massages

There are specific massages that are performed to achieve specific goals. While most are for relaxation and getting rid of stress, there are also massages that can help you treat muscle strains and some minor body aches. A few of the more popular types of massages are: deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, aromatherapy massage, reflexology, hot stone massage, sports massage, and Thai massage.

3. Facial treatments

For many people you can easily tell if a person is healthy, energetic, or without any worries in life just by looking at her face. And so if you want to be as presentable as possible most of the time, getting some facial treatments would be a great option. Even just a simple facial is already a good first step in this goal.

While there are many facial treatments being offered in each day spa, here are some of the more popular ones: collagen facials, organic seaweed facials, microdermabrasion, glycolic acid peel, back facial, and acne facial.

4. Pedicures and manicures

For some people their way of relaxation is getting their nails done. If they get a little nail pampering then are all good to go for a day of unwinding. Because you will feel more confident if you have a beautiful set of nails which only the professionals can help you achieve. But there is also nothing wrong with getting just a simple nail polish if that is what you just want.

5. Hydrotherapy

There are some day spa services, like a day spa Sunshine Coast, that are also offering hydrotherapy. Now this one is a bit broad because basically anything that uses water as its main tool to get you relaxed or detoxified can fall under this category. There are hydrotherapies to help clean your colon, lungs, and sinuses. There are also those that simply helps to open up your pores. Just ask your spa attendant which one is best for you.

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