The Ion Foot Spa – Weight Loss is Almost Guaranteed

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Ion Foot Spa – Self-poisoning by unhealthy foods and unnatural environmental exposures can negatively affect every cell of our body. When toxins accumulate in the nervous system, we feel irritable and depressed. If they back up into the heart we feel weak, our breath is bad if they reach the lungs and we are bloated if they reach the stomach. If the toxins try to escape through our skin, rashes, blotches and acne can develop, we may look pale and our skin may appear wrinkly. We may even look older than our actual age. If the toxins make it to the glands, we feel fatigued, lethargic and our sex drive may decrease. All of these symptoms can result in one way or another to the inevitable, weight gain.

Detoxification through the use of the Ion Foot Spa can help you eliminate toxins that are affecting your body. As the toxins are removed through the sweat glands in the feet, and each sweat gland is directly associated with an organ in your body, the whole system is detoxified and affected all at once. Once excess toxins and poisons are removed, our body can then function more normally, weight loss can occur naturally and the body may return to its natural state.

When our body’s organs lose their ability to detoxify, the excess toxins are generally stored in our body’s fat cells, in an attempt to cleanse our blood stream. While they remain trapped, our fat cells accumulate and can be further poisoned by excessive chemicals and toxins. This scenario can ultimately lead towards diseases and illness.

Toxins found in the body’s fat cells can disrupt the cell’s metabolic processes. When the fat cells are filled with toxins, they feed on calories and carbohydrates we consume to fuel their poisonous state. As they require more energy, our body would signal the brain that we are hungry, although we have eaten enough food. Our essential cells are now being robbed of all the energy by the poisoned fat cells, thus leading to over eating. The body needs to be working as efficiently as possible to lose weight fast. If your body organs are working at maximum efficiency because of the ion foot spa you will shed weight faster.

With excessive consumption of food, it inevitably leads to increased toxin consumption and over-indulgence. Our fat cells then carry more toxins and calories and we gain more weight. You generally lose all motivation to exercise, as you can feel weaker. It’s a vicious cycle of unhealthy lifestyle and improper diet. Even our organs, which can usually help our body to detoxify naturally, lose their efficiency so re-energize with by Lenson.

When you detoxify, you force the fat cells to release the toxins. After these toxins are released, the body can begin to repair and rejuvenate and the essential cells can receive the energy they require. After detoxification, weight loss happens because your body reactivates the fat-burning mechanism and improves your ability to metabolize food and absorb nutrients. Proper digestion can help with over eaters, as they feel fuller earlier. A big part of detoxification includes a change in your lifestyle habits. Once you’ve detoxified, it’s important to eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. The foods you eat should be healthy to ensure that you don’t fall into the cycle of eating excessive toxins. Good nutrition is a key factor, but our health depends not only on what nutrients we eat, but how much of those nutrients are absorbed and how well and regularly the body’s waste products are eliminated. Elimination occurs through sweat (skin), regular bowel movements (enough fiber consumption is important to ensure this) and through the feet by use of the Ion Foot Spa.

With an Ion Foot Spa maintenance program and healthy eating habits, our bodies will be better able to maintain a healthy weight.

Chris Vermeulen is with Lenson International Corp., makers of the innovative Lenson Ion Foot Spa. The spa removes harmful toxins from your body, improves your health, soothes ailments, and makes you feel better than you have in years. See