The neutrality of this section is disputed. Mohammad Habib states that there was no imposition of Jizya on “non-Muslims” during the reign of Mahmud of Ghazni nor any mention of “forced conversions”:. Rana Ali November 7, at 9: During Mahmud’s rule, universities were founded to study various subjects such as mathematics, religion, the humanities, and medicine. There are various stories in medieval texts describing the lack of interest shown by Mahmud to Ferdowsi and his life’s work. Why you haven’t mentioned about his relations with Ayaz Malik a slave. This page was last edited on 1 January , at

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He assembled a powerful confederacy that suffered defeat as his elephant sultan mahmood ghaznavi in urdu books back from the battle at a crucial moment, turning the tide into Mahmud’s favor once more at Lahore in and bringing Mahmud into control of the Shahi dominions of Udbandpura.

One of his commanders named Tilak was a Hindu. For the Indian Army general, see Sultan Mahmood general. Monday, April 5, Mehmood Ghaznavi. This page was last edited on 1 Januaryat He invited the scholars from all over the world and was thus known as an abductor of scholars. Under the reign of Mahmud of Ghazni, the region broke away from the Samanid sphere of influence. Saad Salman, a poet of those times, has written about the academic and cultural life of Lahore.


Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi ebooks by Mubeen Rasheed | Rekhta

Bopks this point, Jayapala attempted to gain revenge for an earlier military defeat at the hands of Mahmud’s father, who had controlled Ghazni in the late s and had cost Jayapala extensive territory.

Emma Stone May 9, at 1: During Mahmud’s rule, universities were founded to study various subjects such as mathematics, religion, the humanities, and medicine. Mahmud turned the former provincial city of Ghazna into the wealthy capital of ij extensive empire that covered most of today’s Afghanistaneastern Iranand Pakistan, by looting the riches and wealth from the then Indian subcontinent.

It would have been even better if you would have mentioned the refrences alongwith. Mahmoor Ghaznavid Empire was ruled by his successors for years. Mahmokd April 19, at Historians including Thapar, Eaton, and A. Why you haven’t mentioned about his sultan mahmood ghaznavi in urdu books with Ayaz Malik a slave. He took away a booty of 2 million dinars. The next year, he captured Somnath and marched to Kachch against Bhima I. Retrieved from ” https: Anonymous May 2, at 9: Mahmud brought whole libraries from Ray and Isfahan to Ghazni.

The expanding Seljuk empire absorbed most of the Ghaznavid west.

The next year he unsuccessfully attacked Kashmir. That same year Mahmud also attacked the Ghaznafi people of Jud. October Learn how and when to remove this template message.


Mahmud of Ghazni

He conquered the eastern Iranian landsmodern Afghanistan, and the northwestern Indian subcontinent modern Pakistan from to his death in Induring Mahmud’s eighth expedition into eastern Afghanistan sulatn Pakistan, the Shahi kingdom which was then under Trilochanapala, son of Anandapala was overthrown. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Ghaxnavi Policy.

After becoming the first Muslim ruler to conquer Northern Punjab, he consolidated his rule in the area and established his provincial headquarters at Lahore.

The city of Lahore in present-day Pakistan also benefited greatly from Mahmud’s military campaigns, being referred to as “little Ghazna “. Sultan Mahmud died on 30 April His court was full of scholars including giants like Firdosi the poet, Behqi the historian and Al-Biruni the versatile scholar.

Yamin al-Dawla wa Amin al-Milla Kunya: By that time, however, most of the centers of Buddhist and Hindu learning were already destroyed.