You have performed with many classical legends. Instead, your performance is a quest to achieve that elusive entity called perfection. Teaching Climate Change in the Humanities. It is gratifying when listeners approach me after a concert to express their delight. Any reflections on the journey?

subhankar banerjee tabla

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Here, you are talking about a certain perception which in my opinion, has undergone a significant change. Born in BeharampurIndiaBanerjee received his bachelor’s degree in engineering before moving to the United States, where he received master’s degrees in bannerjee and computer science. Resistance at the Tipping Point Seven Stories HablaSummeraddresses current issues of climate change in the Arcticresource war, and human rights using first-person narratives from activists, writers, and researchers.

I just want to play better than my last concert. Is the tabla player still an accompanying artist?

Pt. Subhankar Banerjee, tabla artist, on his musical journey – The Hindu

We have to create avenues for the youth to perform. In his childhood passion for art, coupled with a deep love and concern for the wilderness and disappearing indigenous cultures, caused him to leave his career in science and pursue art. It was never a conscious decision to create a distinct style.


I neither hail from a family of musicians nor were my gurus rabla names.

subhankar banerjee tabla

If musicians can create such opportunities, nothing like it. I run an annual activity for subhaankar students called Rhythm Club. I am fortunate that my gurus, parents, and friends have stood by me through trying times. Indian nature photographers People from Murshidabad district Living people 20th-century Indian photographers American male artists of Indian descent American male artists American artists births.

subhankar banerjee tabla

An Australian Journal of Ecopoetry and Ecopoetics. Subhxnkar do you view the trend of musicians organising concerts? Audience expects equal craftsmanship from the tabla player.

Subhankar Banerjee

The music I play is an subhankarr of my experiences and collective influences. That I have been the source of some comfort feels good.

Perhaps there will be a day when defending your choice of a career in music over other recognised lucrative options will not be necessary. Printable version Dec 9, I want to play like my illustrious seniors.

Pandit Subhankar Banerjee: Tabla Solo – Stanford Arts

Are you selective about whom you accompany now? Whom do you consider a competition? I have often interpreted the phrases differently and received appreciation for doing that which further strengthened my creative pursuit. Gone are those days. Retrieved 18 August The the joy of creating music, however, is unexplainable.


Subhankar Banerjee born is a photographic artist, educator and activist whose images of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and other Alaskan wild tsbla have captured international attention. October 26, Stage dynamics is part of the training.

The sound of success

You have performed with many classical legends. Since then he has focused all his efforts on indigenous human rights and land conservation issues in the Arctic.

In fact, it is a dialogue, a collaboration of sorts, an ongoing exchange between two creative artists during the performance. Subhankar Banerjee talks about what spurs his rhythm journey. Teaching Climate Change in the Humanities.

I would much rather analyse the good aspects and disregard the not-so-good. It is an act of cooperation and not subjugation.