She shines like gold. She has the effulgence of a million Suns. He is adorned with garlands of chosen flowers. Lakshmi and Saraswati adore her. She dispels the cause behind ailments. She shines in saffire blue garments and is adorned with flower garlands. Necklaces studded with nine kinds of gems shine on her.

sri varalakshmi namastubhyam

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She delightfully sports in the heart of Maha Vishnu. I bow to her again and again. She is the reflection of the Supreme Self. She is Mrudani that enables us enjoy. He is adorned with garlands of chosen flowers. She is Soolini with trident. I bow to Sri Varalakshmi the bestower of prosperity.

sri varalakshmi namastubhyam

She is the mother of Ganesa the elephant faced and Guru Guha. His mount is mouse. Guru Guha worships him before his auspicious wedding. She is Sarvani who is pleased with tradition of Sakti Puja.


sri varalakshmi namastubhyam

He wields a noose and a goad in his hands. She is graceful with her lord. The splendor of the universe is her sport. She is the bestower of emancipation. She appears in blood-red color. Her speech is sweet. She delights the heart of Siva the lord Mayuranatha. She is my mother. She dispels the cause behind ailments. Her hand assures us safety.

shrii varalaxmii namastubhyam

Goddess Kali, Saraswati the goddess for arts and Lakshmi whose eyes are beautiful like lotus flower adore Sri Ganesa. She is Rudrani the sustainer and the bestower of salvation.

sri varalakshmi namastubhyam

She is the embodiment of Knowledge. Her tresses are dark, like a row of bees.

Sri VaraLakshmi Namastubhyam – Bombay Jayshree Chords – Chordify

Lakshmi and Saraswati adore her. Her devotees adorn her with lotus garlands. She shines like gold. I am the devotee of VallabhanAyaka the chief of Ganas demi-gods. May Abhayaba the bestower of security protect us.



She is the paragon of virtues. He shines with gem-studded necklaces. Her feet are beautiful like lotus flowers.

She is Bhavani who enjoys music with good meaning, melody and rhythm. She is easily accessible to devotees.