Or Alt-click for a standard Open dialog. If the layer has effects or masks, precompose the layer first. Click here for details. Then right-click the purple envelope line as needed. Click the Pixelan logo to access this info. For detailed help per control, see below on this web page.

spicemaster 2.5

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SpiceMaster PRO [64bits] | Premium Quality Templates

To load a saved setting, click the blue Load Saved Settings button at the bottom black bar of the SpiceMaster window, as shown above, then choose any file within the Saved Settings folder that will appear. For detailed help per control, see below on this web page. Sorry, we have no Mac versions currently, but may soon! SpiceMaster 3 Pro includes all the features users have loved over the years, but has been updated with a much larger interface for users with high-res monitors.

spicemaster 2.5

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Premium Quality Templates

To save your own custom presets in the Effects Browser, use SpiceMaster controls to set up the desired look, then click the Save button sicemaster the main SpiceMaster control area. Click an FX folder icon to instantly change only the controls in that section via handy presets we have developed.


To access presets, click the ‘light-bulb” button at the upper right corner of any effect section in SpiceMaster. Even novices can apply powerful custom transitions and effects within minutes of their first SpiceMaster use.

Spice Library Each ‘spice’ is a specially-designed grayscale 2. that guides SpiceMaster. SpiceMaster Saved Settings and Presets. Click the stopwatch icon to vary the control over time.

Use this to quickly and easily make hundreds of new effect variations. Choosing a “spice” file is a key step to applying SpiceMaster.

spicemaster 2.5

See below on this page for tutorial help about the Keyframes window. See our other plugins, too! Click here to be email-notified.

Spicemaster 2.5 pro free download

Or click the Save to Effects Browser button to apply it later from our visual Effects Browser window. Or switch to “Progress via: SpiceMaster is much more than a video transitions plugin!

It can be any layer in the comp; its Video switch can even be off. For additional SpiceMaster techniques and tips, please see the context-sensitive visual online help. If the layer has effects or masks, precompose the layer first.


C Load Section Preset.

spicemaster 2.5

Click here to BUY. Choose from hundreds of professional presets plus your saved favorites via a large animated Effects Browser window. To scrub to a particular frame, drag the long slider that spicemasetr under the preview. If None is selected, SpiceMaster will reveal lower tracks.

A separate Keyframes window will open see additional Keyframing help below.

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A Load a Recent Effect. See our other plugins, too! Then you can adjust it several ways, such as flipping or reversing the effect, moving it to a new position, or putting it in motion. Click here for details.