Download Spermy’s Journey 1. Sperm race is game from internal environment of female human body, controlled by estrogen, hormones, sperms and female eggs. Similar to Spermys journey: Resident Evil 7 1. Great game Fair play its a really good game but its not very suitable for little kids!!

spermys journey apk

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Journy race is endless sperming game where your goal is to reach female egg. Tail always catches other than that maybe a few more features like an icon u can collect to double coin Intake?

Taking something as complex as human reproduction and explaining how the basic concept works through a child-like game will one day revolutionize the educational system.

Spermys journey: Sperm race

You need to control sperms The Mailman, The Cable Guy, The Athlete and the Tech Geek and use their speed and stamina to reach the egg before dying and killing off mankind.

The inventor of this game is very clever. In this story about me When i am in ovarium mothers. YO Home Sperm Test Update happy wheels instalikes itube dj liker happy chick.


Spermys journey: Sperm race for Android – APK Download

Category games Latest Version 1. It deserves 5 stars. The game takes a skilled master to jkurney their way through the tubes to reach the egg. I hate free games that are impossible to get through without spending real money.

spermys journey apk

Excellent Its a great game i think the creator out did there selfs making this its gruesome but hilarious at the same time. Spermy’s Journey APK 1. Spermy’s journey has 36 levels to choose from with increasing difficulty and 5 sperm characters.

Featured Groups for Spermy’s Journey. Good but not enough stamina You earn coins so slowly that buying on stamina packs takes forever so u can never upgrade his speed or change characters Sperm racefast, free and save your internet data.

Spermy’s Journey APK 1.0.1 Free Download

Through your efforts to reach the top of Leaderboards and unlock achievements. Increase Your Sperm Count 1.

spermys journey apk

Great game Fair play its a really good game but its not very suitable for little kids!! The Long Journey Of Sperm 1.

Spermys journey: Sperm race APK download |

So, you must master to maneuver their way through the tubes to reach the egg. Foods to Increase Sperm Count 1. Sperm race Tags Arcade. Cute Makes me very glad I don’t have coins and watches on my fallopian tunes.


Revolves around paying for coins You can not complete past april unless you buy coins to upgrade your sperm, your stamina runs out before you get to the egg. Just thinking about this game makes me sperrmys.

Mar 11, ; size: This game is great!!! Well, where to begin with Spermy’s journey is a sperm racing game for Android. Similar to Spermys journey: Quite the journey Only problem is when it comes to getting around the rest things there are a few that are pretty impossible.

spermys journey apk

Good Fun but doesn’t let you purchase to get more speed should fix but besides that its fun. Sperm Game Runner 0.