Skygazer is an ideal companion for anyone first exploring the wonders of the night sky – a celestial adventure for all ages. Keep track of the price drops on this item. If you are new to our product line, you can download SkyGazer to “test drive” the software. It is an ideal companion for anyone first exploring the wonders of the night sky – the casual stargazer, novice astronomer, or classroom teacher. After you have downloaded the. Contains a colorful illustrated guide to astronomical topics such as time, coordinates, the solar system, stars, and constellations. New Object Descriptions In addition to their numerical data, SkyGazer now includes textual, plain-English descriptions for literally thousands of stars, star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies, developed in conjunction with professor Jim Kaler of the University of Illinois.

skygazer 4.5

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All in all, SkyGazer offers a decent feature package for helping you explore skygazee space. Click here to see the download options for SkyGazer Moon and Planets maps 2.


Witness celestial events thousands of years in the past or future. This update will not work with Voyager 4. Send an e-mail to support carinasoft. Phases of the Moon and Planets Follow the phases of the Moon and determine the conditions which produce lunar and solar eclipses. You must run the updater executable from an account with Administrative privileges, or it will not work. More info Reviews 0 SkyGazer Version 4.


This star chart shows the rich southern Milky Way with zodical constellation figures. We’ve updated our maps of the Earth, Moon, and Mars; and added new high resolution maps of Saturn’s moons from the Cassini mission. If you have any other questions, comments, or problems with the installation, please don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail at support carinasoft.

Journey to the edge of the solar system to observe the clockwork motion of the planets. Investigate the nature and motion of comets and asteroids. Stunning Sky Charts Create detailed star charts that you can use to explore the night sky with binoculars or a small telescope, customized for your particular observing location or time.

Carina Software’s attention to smygazer in designing and refining Voyager 4. Learn “fun facts” about the objects you can see in the night sky! 44.5 is a lightweight Windows application whose slygazer is to help you view the sky from any place on Earth or in the solar system, explore the stars, star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies, as well as learn skygzaer names of the bright stars and watch the changing positions of the planets.

Make sure you install the update in the same folder where you installed the original Voyager 4.

skygazer 4.5

Double Skygwzer units Please try to download it again or contact us at support carinasoft. To do this, log out from Windows and log in again as an Administrator. Mounting rings and plates SkyGazer is a celestial adventure for all ages.


Software SKYGAZER 4.5

Books, guides and posters 3. This image shows the Asian eclipse of July, Enjoy the spectacle of a meteor shower seen against the background of the Milky Way.

skygazer 4.5

Copy it into your new SkyGazer 4. Bags and storages Other notable characteristics worth mentioning skygxzer represented by the possibility to export pictures of the sky to PICT, BMP, TIFF, or JPG file format, print data, simulate the Earth cycles over a past period of time and view the shift in constellations, observe the phases of the planets, and check the positions of the nearby stars in relation to the sun.

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You must run the installer executable from an account with Administrative privileges, or it will not work! Keep track of the price drops on this item. Keep up the good work!

Voyager is the advanced version of our software, designed for the serious astronomer, student, telescope user. Experience the seasonal cycle of the constellations and learn the mythology of these star groups.

skygazer 4.5

With over 30 years experience, we offer a family of mounts with the size, precision and stability for serious astronomical research.