A PDA will be added then to relate the cultures management, the time —calendar—… and the player. Do the mods from this website work for both games? Fri Mar 16, 1: Just a suggestion Ben, and I do hope this game and the forum both spring back some day, and untill then I will show you support. Wed Oct 19, 7: It was an occupation during his engineering studies.

simtractor 3.6

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I have purchased a t-shirt from your store last year and soon plan to purchase some models as well. And first of all, it is a way to share between players.

Place is as dead as a rat now, when russ use to be the moderator, simttactor the calmdown topic started, got me interested in farming games I suppose, great game to start the farming game industry off as I doubt there would of been a landwirtschafts if simtractor wasnt there. My cousins and I had a lot of pleasure driving tractors during the holidays, to collect straw balls for instance or to sort potatoes out, which was less pleasant!

Simtractor 3.6 free download

A German forum will also be created. I speak and understand both English and Swedish. Throughout the development of the game, I tried to keep them informed about the new features of the game. Farming Share farming simyractor, occupations, or ideas you have about the farm in general.


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These mods aren’t supported by SimTractor. After the launching of this version, I finally decided to stop the game development.

simtractor 3.6

The same year, the success is growing every day, several people contacted me. I used to be glued to the PC when I played that game. Blog SimTractor game history….

simtractor 3.6

In the meantime, the family farm bought two brand new tractors, John Deere of course! And, of course new machines and a new landscape. When the game starts the menu allows you to make some adjustments and then to go into the 3D game by a machinery menu.

Meeting Make a request to play online, plan a date Fri Jul 30, 5: Ingiven the extent of the game, and of sijtractor members who were more and more numerous on the forum, I decided to share the forum administration.

SimTractor is a good game. The ideas shared by the players through this forum helped me a lot in the development process of the different versions. It was huge investment, but they understood that the project was original and they helped me having it.

Well I’m starting to get fed up with not being able to play fs 11 and getting bored of playing fs Log me on automatically each visit. Ina member of the forum contacted me, he wanted to put a forum on SimTractor in place, so that the players could share their ideas on the game use. Thu Aug 21, 3: Sun Dec 30, So I created the game in English to share it with the whole world and a website called www.


Since I am only the third person to comment, perhaps you could advertise this blog in the forum as a sticky…it is obvious that many people do not know this history page is even here or there would be more comments.

This version brings a lot of new things, such as a system to skmtractor guiding vehicles, a land simtractorr map, a milking robot with a cattle management on the PDA.

SimTractor Game History (English)

Just a suggestion Ben, and I do hope this game and the forum both spring back some day, and untill then I will show you support. FS-UK has been updated! For I determined to know nothing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified Seen times – 0 Members and 1 Guest are currently viewing wimtractor thread. Sun Sep 10,