All Recommendations Petar Client fills his shipping address once and is stored in a cookie, so if customer comes back it will remember his details. That is great, higly recomend to use it on your site like I did. If your shoutcast server is different with your web-host then you must ask from company to open the stream port in firewall. In addition you’re able to use different themes for syntax highlighting.

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No need to loose the code changes after upgrade!

Livezilla AJAX Status, by – Joomla Extension Directory

Also the time range can be covers the next day Example: In Verse display it shows Following: You can place it wherever you can place modules, and if you select not to show this module title, it will look like a single button.

Have some problems and staff helped me to resolve problem problem was not from author of module, problem was by web hosting settings. Client fills his shipping address once and is stored in a cookie, so if customer comes back it will remember his details.

With Pro version you can show the operators status,department,name,e-mail and start chat option! Ultimate Feed Display By Web-expert. Compatible with Joomla 1. When you use this feature a Read more link appears in the article introduction.


Δημοτικα τελη ανα δημο

If you currently use the out of the box joomla plain text editor this ACE integration might be worth looking at. Posted on 06 January This link position and style is unchangeable, but with this plugin you can put the a readmore link in any position and with any style using normal text, images or flash.

The goal for this project is create an advanced component structure demo. You’ve delivered something I have spent months looking for, edit css makes it pretty customizable, looks good, works GREAT!

Shoutcast Stats & Ajax Refresh

If status has changed then will refresh the status image without the visitor need to refresh! With this component you can set same price for a state or states multiple select and you can skip using postal codes zip fields. Posted on 26 January You set the way you want to dsiplay the feed news!

Some of those components and plugins are listed below. The blocks will reload automatically and refresh the feeds.

All actions can be enabled or disabled separately from the others. Pls Icon Manager alliconmanager This project is a free J! This project creates malls and stores.


You can embed with iframe to any page to any site. The AddThis Follow stqts enable users to create an easy list of ways to follow you: You can also use JoomlaPack to create site packages that you can easily deploy to client sites. See it in action on DEMO site. Display’s multiple shipping options Great features supported Address Validation: This is the home of the Afrikaans translation for Joomla!

Livezilla AJAX Status

The elegant button designed by RiseMyWeb that displays alexa traffic rank and google page rank in one single button. I need the following members: Posted on 20 November The focus of this project is the Translation of Joomla to 2 most popular african spoken Languages. Adding the top twenty words into the keywords section 4. The translation has been done according to the official standard literary Albanian language sq-AL.