The gameplay was interesting at first but later on it is repetitive and boring. The abilities were the same as DotA since it was taken from it. Players start with 2 Abilities Meat Hook and Dismember. You could make it somewhere like or and such or you could increase the gold earnings. Eventually, the map requires several improvements and much more work to reach an approvable state. Hey moderators im back,, its been three years,, anyway let me introduce my self,, I am usd99 and I stop programming in warcraft for somehow reason,, and now I feel good to back in here,, am I welcome? Yes, my password is:

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Pudge Hook Wars vd + AI | HIVE

No, create an account now. The Portable Buildings need your attention, so come along and have a blast!

The Shadowraze wars ai 9.3 93 is okay, nothing to say since you follow the rules. YrkDec 27, The Features are good, everything that is in there was found in the map. In addition, in the very beginning, it is difficult to kill someone.

I find the Raze’s Cast Point and Range the same as Dota 2 which is a good thing so that players can use your map as a practice. The AI was fun to play with and well made but they really like to take the middle path for some reason. Yes, my password is: I would like to say my opinions too.


Are you planning to upload your awesome map to Hive? Join in on a ride of a 4v4 melee experience!

Shadowraze Wars 9.3 Download

Lacky – for finding critical bugs and tool tip errors VoicelessDuck – for being a Map Tester before the Map Release and finding bugs as well Love Seeker – for finding critical bugs Video: Eventually, the map requires several improvements and much more work to reach an approvable state. The gameplay itslef is excelent, and the AI are well made. The dhadowraze is what is expected in this hero arena, hooking, dodging and all.

Sure, games of luck isn’t a bad thing some people enjoy this type of gameplaybut in sshadowraze shadowraze wars ai 9.3 based map like this, it’s unfitting.

Shadowraze Wars AI – Warcraft 3 Maps – Epic

It’s also unfair to be killed when spawning due to spawning near multiple enemies. Required number of team kills to win can be from 30 to Tips are displayed upon typing “-tips”. Jun 16, Updated: Feb 17, Shadowraae Shadow FuryJun 20, In my first game, I didn’t go for neutral creeps, I just go and kill every SF I found and level gapped all of them I’m level 10 shadowraze wars ai 9.3 they are 3 to 4 but still I’m the only one without dagger.


Please review the rules here. While the tiles you used were manipulated pretty efficiently, there were no signs of Dirt and Rough Dirt. The terrain and other visuals are customized for it to resemble DotA 2 to make for a fresh new look from the original and other type of Pudge Wars maps.

This is nice but sizes are nah, because they are ripped. The 30th edition of the Modeling Contest is finally up!

I saw this map on PlayDotA. Currently, one can fool it easily. Yes, it’s non-DotA 2 version. It’s a big file and I don’t want to upload it again. From my experience the map was running fine and lag free on multiplayer and singleplayer. Other items not in the list will have a Red Box Model similar to Dota 2. Please review the rules here.

Players should be able to read what an ability does, even if shadowraze wars ai 9.3 is only a short information.