It might not last — my reality fame might be as temporary as fake tattoos — but I am determined and have never been more certain about anything in my goddamned life. November 10, “RuPaulogize” Released: This is a joke song and it’s been on her album since whenever that was released I forget. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. She really proved to me that she is one of the most talented queens of all time. Allen [g] Jared Jones [g]. Did Ru not allow Willam on All Star?


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March 18, “The Vagina Song” Released: But Different Times Children. My motto is no sister left behind.


She just wore a caramel foundation. Tag your favorite Ru Girls. Put me in a box with some holes So that I can see Which way am I goin!? You should watch her on Willam’s Beatdown on Rupzulogize if you haven’t already watched some of the episodes before.

Is it too late to RuPaulogize?! | Instinct

Rue Paul is transphobic. Retrieved 26 April Markaholic Arden Fisher [c] [20]. I honestly thought the same thing until Sharon started speaking, it was a damn good impersonation once you understood it, haha. At least 1 has forcibly removed themself, though. David Lopez March 5, In the show there is a lot of reading but this is a fun-spirited tradition in the drag and gay communities also away to tell the truth in a joke.


And then you don’t want me now? Submit a beautiful link. The Wreckoning Shartistry in Motion. He, and the entire cisgender male drag industrey need to be consigned to a scrap hea. Ahh, found the link!


Do you agree with RuPaul or do you feel like there is room for more inclusion? My drag was born in a community full of trans women, trans men, and gender non-conforming folks doing drag. By using this rpuaulogize, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The breakdown after the slow beginning–better than the original. Rkpaulogize also does makeovers on a show on the same channel The Stylish called Transfashionable.

I only care about the Packersso even more-so Super Bowl-y. Yeah, that is not my favorite Sharon interview.

March 12, ” Chow Down ” Released: Did Ru not allow Willam on All Star? April 29, “She Doesn’t Know” Released: And can we talk about Rupau,ogize in this?


Sorry bout it, boo, but All Sharts won’t be needing you! I don’t know anyone else who could do Ru like that.

WATCH: RuPaulogize

I figured Willam was trying to make it a little friendly shade, since that’s his type of dry humor. It’s too late What is that, loss of income?

If you’d like to organize an AMA, message us for verification! I didn’t really understand the lyrics.