Audacity was open-source, cross-platform software, developed by dozens of people and downloaded more than million times. It seemed Voxal might be in error, on the last of those three values. Then the video recommended what I had already done: With honorable mention to Auto-Tune and KeroVee plugins for music, the RoVee plugin provided a relatively simple and useful way of tweaking voices. The primary advantages of Voxal over Audacity seemed to be that Voxal could combine multiple effects into a single voice, and would remember those settings and display them clearly.

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But, clearly, anonymization was a success: I could use an audio editing program, like Audacity, to attempt do-it-yourself manual waveform adjustments. It’s awesome cuz you get the full thing for 30 days, unlike Changef or some other stuff in which you get it forever but you can’t use all the features.

Later, I would encounter 1 2 apps and various other software designed to measure pitch.

But there were also some potential risks in higher frequencies. I have Morphvox and Audacity. One participant in that discussion advised that professional audio recording software e. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!


RoVee Voice changer by gkg – video dailymotion

vpice It rovee voice changer exactly what I was looking for. That, again, made the voice very deep. It tentatively appeared that it might not even make sense to ask how timbre is different from formant.

MorphVOX, like other programs examined above, added distortion especially when I used its Timbre feature. With honorable mention to Auto-Tune and KeroVee plugins for music, hcanger RoVee plugin provided a relatively simple and useful way of tweaking voices.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here April 16, at 4: By this point, I was seeing that there were many rovee voice changer tweaks to make voices sound better. That said, the results were still not necessarily what I hoped for.

g200kg updates KeroVee & RoVee plugins

Support This Blog Search for: Notify me of new comments via email. I tried dragging a couple of the controls offered there, but each time I got that same popup: I just had to choose my settings blind, and then produce the result.

Well, that was a different voice, but with lots of fuzz i. Like a robotic T-pain in a Bestbuy type over electronic. Home Boice This Blog. You may have to try different combinations rovee voice changer see what works best. A place to talk about all those cool vsti and directx plugins and fx. I had tested out Audacity, free MorphVOX, and Voxal, and, like you, found that they each had their own voicr or limitations.


I enabled them all. One of the strengths of the AV Voice Changer is its robust support.

RoVee Voice changer by g200kg

Eventually I figured out that I needed to be on the Tools tab, not the Voice tab. Then WikiHow said I should choose these settings: Note that AV also offered freeware real-time voice changers. Kennedy with Voice Changer Software Diamond 8. I guessed that the poor ratings were due to poor outcomes, not to poor teaching methods: Auto-Tune was cahnger over the place.