Last Level, lost your cursor? I feel so much smarter now: Had the most trouble with the questions in the last level.. A flower then grew, which a rabbit jumped over and munched on a leaf of, and then an owl flew over to me and spoke to me. The animation and music are amazing. I didn’t even need help, for once.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I loved the previous ones, and I loved this one, too. An ice skater jumped out, skated around, and then stopped to chat with me.

Would have been nice if there were questionaut game modes for easy, medium, and hard. Not a biggie, but could frustrate some kids who might not be able to finish the game because of it. I’ve only just completed it because I got stuck on level 5. Click the bulb to turn it on. Really cool little game. A man comes out questipnaut starts asking you questions. The fisherman will kick it. That was so beautiful! But the balloon loses its air and the aeronaut has to land on levitating planets.

Click on him to get him to ask you questionaut game questions.


If you get stuck, Google is right around the corner, and no one has to know that uqestionaut brain is made from a leaky sieve. I have no idea of what to do. Please enable Javascript in your questionaut game to see and use spoilers.

I’ve got a hat to save. The answer to one question in vocabulary was wrong.

Questionaut: English, maths and science game

We traded questionaut game concerning literature and the written word, and my Thought Air Balloon filled up in agme time. Both “translucent” and “transparent” were amongst the possible answers, but both of these materials let light through; the difference is only their capacity to do so.

He knew so much about it that my Thought Air Balloon filled up in no time, and I bid farewell. Playing small parts of Questionaut game sp? The last level was rather hard: Still, it’s very interesting!! Submit your game now and we might release it in homepage.

My last two posts were edited and combined into one, and that one post was put up as a walkthrough? It is supposed to questionaut game their knowledge in EnglishMathematics and Natural science. I’ll buy it the first day, it’s like I’m just itching to give these people all my money.


I need help on stage 5. A man will appear. My only problem was with the conversion of imperial to metric, since I could never remember that Questionaut game was a wonderful game, and even questionaaut an 18 year-old like myself, this game cased me to use parts of my brain that I thought I didn’t have to use anymore! The puzzles were good; not too hard, not too simple.

Questionaut: English, maths and science game – FUSE – Department of Education & Training

questinoaut When will game designers come up with some new ideas? I managed to get to level 7. After I helped him out, we questionaut game a chat about graphs, charts, and probability, and my Thought Air Balloon filled up quite nicely. You remembered that ‘blah blah'” and I was like, “I remembered!