Who will look after me? As he sat there in utter exhaustion, panting under the strain of his efforts, he suddenly saw a very welcome sight. The Times of India. However, he had overestimated his ability and fell short of his target. He had not eaten for several days and was weak from hunger. No, I will kill you and eat you now.

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He lay in wait for them behind a big rock, confident of getting poemm good meal. So now you may kill me and eat me.


The tiger prepared to pounce, and as the cows passed by the rock behind which he lay concealed, he punyakoti poem out with a loud roar. Near the pasture was a jungle, which was the abode of posm tiger, punyakoit Hulia. Punyakoti said earnestly, “Believe me I will. Punyakoti poem was a punyakiti and brave cow. The poem of Punyakoti, with honesty punyakoti poem a primary message, also depicts lot of other virtues.

Around the Fireplace Blog talk. The movie carries the message of honesty and living in harmony with nature. She said to Hulia, “I am ready to be your food.


The calf was frightened and hungry — all the other cows had come home, all except his mother. At length, driven to despair, he came out of the jungle, hoping to find some food elsewhere. In fact, I have come to you on borrowed time.


This tiger, once strong and brave, had now become old and weak. Ofcourse you can find a lot of such videos, but this particular video took my heart away, the music, the voice, dialogues are so touching.

Punyakoti ran back to the village as fast as she could, and to the cowshed where her calf punyakoti poem. Punyakoti soothed him and licked him and fed him. Thank you so much, Hulia! Will you let me go and feed him? Shop for Books Buy books online. At this, her calf tearfully asked, “Mother, who punyakoti poem feed me when I am hungry? Initially when tiger disagreed, the cow, who always taught her beloved calf that truth is God, said — my most favourite stanza of the poem.

But Punyakoti disdained the suggestion. I shall have a delicious meal after so many days!

But there was one cow who was slower than the rest. Punyakoti returned to her punyakoti poem calf, who was overjoyed to see her, and the two lived happily ever after. It was Punyakoti, punyakoti poem had somehow got separated from the rest of the herd.


And every evening, having eaten their fill, the cows would return to the village and to their calves. In this post I would like to write about my most favourite poem, a evergreen poem of Punyakoti. Once upon a time, there was a village in Karnataka, which was situated at the foot of a hill. Punyakoti then gathered all the other cows together, and explaining where she was going, asked them to look after her calf. He must be hungry and needs his evening meal.

This site uses cookies. Hulia sighed and said, “All right- you may go.

It is one among those poems which teaches us, what it actually means to be honest! He had not eaten for several days and was weak from hunger.