Fixed problem with event log filling up with ‘invalid window handle’ messages. You can select from and not limited to logoff, reboot, shutdown, hibernate, lock, turn off monitor and a few more. Download and installation help. The actions can be performed on the local computer save “wake-on-lan” or a remote computer. Full source code is included!


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This action allows you to start up a remote pc. Google Play Chrome Extension Free access your library of media from your browser. It can power off, shutdown or reboot your PC, log you off, lock your workstation, go to standby or hibernation mode and even wake up powerofc PC.

You can run a program when the action is about to be performed. You can cancel the action when the warning dialog is shown. It only takes several seconds to set the application, after which you can leave it hidden in the system tray and powerkff on with work. In the scheduling options you can specify the time and a certain day of the week or month. The Truth The software is a must on every computer.

Download PowerOff – SnapFiles

Since organizing and planning events can save you a great amount of time, having your computer automatically shut down makes no exception. In fact, this is quite a poor definition because PowerOff allows you to choose between different actions shut down, log off, hibernate, restart, lock and moreschedule them or even set the PC to be shut down after a given process is complete.


You need Internet Explorer 4. Using this application you can specify various actions that your computer or other one connected to the network should perform, like shutdown or tun off the monitor. Added scheduled action tooltip when poweroff is minimized to the tray. Recensione Softonic Sei in ritardo a una cena ma non puoi spegnere adesso il tuo computer?

Fixed bug with -debug option when started as a service. Windows XP support for new visual styles. In the time field, you can specify the time when the action must be performed. Added command-line parameters, so that you can use poweroff in batch files V1. If you also want 3.01.3 delete the registry key, select “Remove Settings” from the File menu or use “regedit.


Added more logging with -debug option. Fixed bug with -debug option when started as a service.


Besides the fact that the software is absolutely free, it will help you get your sleep at night by scheduling your machine’s shutdown at a certain day and time. Powerofg, you can save custom configurations and take them anywhere you go just to have them applied, making it even more practical.


Poweroff uses a protocol like ftp or smtp with commands and reply codes.

Schedule Your Computer

Poewroff Refused Make sure that you have installed the poweroff service on the remote pc after enabling the ‘allow remote’ option. Schedule on remote machine: Normally, the shutdown action will shutdown your pc and give the message ‘It is safe to shutdown your pc’. If your pc supports it, then this will put your pc into hibernate mode.

The “Scheduled” option allows you to choose the time and day for the action to be performed. It can run as a service required for some schedules. The actions PowerOff supports are: Install now to protect your privacy. Only available when not executing a scheduled action. Your computer won’t feel a thing from running it, due to the little amount of system resources it needs to properly run. Changed the format of the time to hh: Performs the action on the days of the week that you specify.

This means that the lookup may not always work correctly.