I think that there is only the inactivated infinite ground. Then there are only the preferences, like transparency in my visualisierung? In the interest of saving time, the attachment point reacts according to the characteristics of the object: But they are 1cm to 2cm high. Trained as an architect, Chris has been involved in architectural software sales, training, and support since I think on this one the glass is also pretty cool fresnel effect.

postcards artlantis

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The water is always black as you see it in the screenshot. Could you please explain me the process?

Abvent 3D Architecture Design

When saving a Postcard, in addition to saving an image, you save all the material parameters as well. I have no idea what the problem is with this. As simple attachments, postcards cannot be shared through the forum, sorry.

Texture mapping Now you can use your own images as materials. Then there are only the preferences, like transparency in my visualisierung?

postcards artlantis

K-Gee, On windowscomputers you need to paste the file in the following directory: Artllantis is why I pointed out to those shagers that are ArtLantis default: I do not know where to put the postcards on Mac computers. It is a zipfile you can download here: Postcards are a simple, yet effective tool to create your own collection of custom shaders and consider various options on projects. Could you help me out again? Glass and water tae a while to get good results not too much fresnel, reflection, transparency colorso it is really usefull to have those settings repeated.


Webinar is free but space is limited.

Artlantis Postcards – Demo on Vimeo

There you will see the postcard. As you can see in the attached screenshot you have to pic materials in the preview on the right side. Only shaders or textures created by a third party and not given to you with the postcard will not work. Follow the instruction on the image.

Shaders Artlantis makes using shaders fast and easy. I think that was the problem. But what do you mean by fast?

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If i dont have the texture in my texture library, which is in the postcard, i cant use it, right? Newsletter Newsletter If you are human, leave this field blank. But all the materials which are used and which are part of your media library like all shaders given to you by Abvent will work.

There has been some people asking for it, wanting to use the glass and postcqrds settings. Attached there is a postcard of some render I made.


postcards artlantis

So if i try postccards pic something some preferences as you wrote Artlantis always pics the whole image and trys to texture it on my water. Maybe you just extract to the media folder and it works. Postcards You spend precious time creating and fine-tuning your materials on each project…Postcards are the ideal solution to save and retrieve any material settings at any time, even on another project.

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Clicking the thumbnail wil open the postcard.

postcards artlantis

Seems like people are a bit shy on sharing Just add this file to your media-folder postcards. Objects can be saved in Artlantis and can even contain light sources that are reproduced when they are integrated into a scene.