Once again, in the Permanent Patch, click O for no on the test trial to install it for real. Err what is eboot? It works fine but hangs at a point. It will take time to come out and problem is the story wil only be till the hidan kakuzu ark. Just want to shift to 5. Since there was a previous hack, does that mean I have to do the L trigger thing?

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Log in popsloaer sign up in seconds. Just want to shift to 5. Id like to know if i can delete the files popsloader 5.03 gen c r2 and 5. Any ideas how to run pops? Yugioh and the Peace Walker Demo have been reported to be working on 5. BTW, thanks for this link, sylv3rblade! Is it true that if you keep re-installing any cfw say this 5.

Did you check your PSP if it does say 5. Naka GEN-C ka na? Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. But the file pops. Malaking tulong sa amin na bago pa lang sa PSP hacking scene. Ghost of Sparta that time.


In the japanese 1 its till pain. Can I still upgrade my custom popzloader Maybe you try Easy installer for ChickHen R2?? You can delete the files without bricking your PSP. If you want to uninstall 5. Restore default settings then turn umd auto start and catche to OFF without the memory stick. I thought turning off wipes out these files?


I follow all the steps but it just says: All games work fine except popspoader, This new 1 i downloaded and its not working. You upgraded to 6.

Ung psp k kc inupgrade nung kasama k d2 original sya 5. Do you have any idea how to fix this? Baka walang cfw kaya sinasabi nya na corrupt ung games. There is popsloadre danger of bricking your PSP unless you deviate from the instructions listed below.

Install PSP Custom Firmware GEN-C via ChickHEN R2 | Atma Xplorer

Do note that if you have official firmware 5. It works fine but hangs at a point. Ok for your prob, you can uninstall popsloader 5.03 gen c. I installed gen-c successfully on my psp You can always use google to find them, I do that. Since you have a PSPwhich is not permanent hackable, you have to start a programm or watch a picture every time again you turn off the PSP, regardless of which CFW you choose. However, after installing 5.


And consider the fact that your saves may no longer work in the new update.

And the media size that registers in my computer is only 40MB as opposed to what my memory stick capacity is 4GB.