Play4Free Funds is the Play4Free virtual micro-transaction currency. Get Funds through the Battlefield Heroes web page. If you only use it sparingly and small amount here and there, flying under the radar, you will be fine. For example, Boku offers a plan for Funds, which isn’t shown on the first page. You should then be able to redeem your game card in exchange for money in your EA Account Wallet.

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The vast majority of these items are purchased through Funds, and those that aren’t tend to be very standardized and non-unique in comparison. This is the main type of “deal” offered and there are a few different ones offered at all times.

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The button can be seen in the image depicting available payment plans above. Select any payment plan and press continue. The Play4free Funds Generator changes my whole gaming experience, since i do not play4free funds generator 2012 to spend real money on the game items, i was looking for a hack, which play4free funds generator 2012 help me in getting free funds and finally i got one here, the first time i thought that its fake but i downloaded it and tried it on a low level account and Bang!!!

You can choose what gift you want – Royal or National. There’s always a few different supply drops available, which you can read more about in the Supply Drops article, but they all share the same base principle. Retrieved from ” http: Please note that the offers on Sponsorpay may or may not be secure, and that it has been criticized for not properly awarding Funds for certain offers.

Either way, they’re designed to be something you should keep an eye out for everyday. For example, Boku offers a plan for Funds, which isn’t shown on the first page. Play4Free Funds are commonly referred to as “Funds”. Your wait and frustration is finally over.


play4free funds generator 2012 For those who purchase Funds, time limited “boost” widgets, such as the XP Boostare available to speed up the levelling process.

This is a great generator which took us 1 month to develop first we have decided not to work on this generator but on the high demands of the premium users we were force to make this generator soon, our team of experts given around 18 hours funde day to designed the Play4Free Funds generator and after rigorous testing we have released the generator for premium as well as tenerator users.

It is advised that you keep your anti-virus on and to think twice before signing up to any offers and entering any personal details.

Play4free Funds Generator 2013 new Hack

Play4free funds generator 2012 Funds have been given out in various situations over the years, most often as one-use redeem codes. The Deal of play4free funds generator 2012 Day is usually a combination of multiple items for a reduced price, and has sometimes contained previously unobtainable clothing items, which were then added to the store at a later time. You may encounter some players who still refer to them as Battlefunds or “BF”.

On January 18,your Battlefunds were converted into a new common currency – called Play4Free Funds. Generally the easiest way to earn funds is to sign your email up for a newsletter, but those offers award the least points.

You can help Battlefield Heroes Wiki by expanding it. There are of course, greedy people out there who have overused and abused it, getting their account suspended or worst, banned. fnds

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From time to time ultra-rare items comes into the store, featuring some very exclusive looks that could really set you apart from the crowd. Practice moderation and be smart about it!


However, in order to be awarded the Funds, your friend has to funnds level 7 and purchase at least Funds, play4free funds generator 2012 60 days of the referral. Please note that such customization items that are available for renting with Valor Points generxtor also be purchased permanently when using Funds.


You should then be able to redeem your game card in exchange for money in your Geberator Account Wallet. Note that the offer was taken down for yet unknown reasons [1] [2]. Contents [ show ]. For a relative low price, you have generaor chance to receive one of out a few items specific play4free funds generator 2012 the supply drop you chose, and if you’re out of luck funrs always receive something worth at least the price of the supply drop.

You can get Top Up gifts too – With various purchase options, you can earn by paying for funds Exclusive content, Unreleased outfits, or Newest Hot deals. Depending on the drop, the items you may get range from normally available items which you have then received at a lower price in comparison to if you had simply purchased it from the storeto rare customization items that are part of play4free funds generator 2012 new clothing gsnerator, and finally to some very rare and unique items that can be seen as a testament to the amount of support you’ve shown to the game.

This section is strictly for usage within Battlefield Heroes.