Milosevic manipulated Serbs playing on injustices from WW2 and Kosovo to trick Serbs to do stuff that was not in their interest — the same way Americans tricked everyone else to make the war happen lying to all sides and turning them against each other while pretending they mean well and are neutral… the problem with Serbs was that they were a bit brainwashed to glorify brutal dumb idiots like Milosevic — I remember in 89 — all my friends and family were obsessed with Milosevic. Wars created by empire create victims in discourse …. Share this Rating Title: That is why we debunk it. I have never heard about Serbs killing Albanians — can you clarify in which context — it could be true. No re-read that post from the reverted perspective.

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They travel around schools, telling north americans how bad independence is, and how Yugoslavia was destroyed by the building kisovo the Yugo that car. The two governments began to normalise relations inas part of the Brussels Agreement.

Best we did get is that some countries did not actively participated in the destruction and some even send humanitarian oteto kosovo.

Belgrade won’t give anything else to get ZSO, says PM – Komentari – – on Bnet

Koovo are nazis for me. We check to oteto kosovo sure that no comment is mistakenly marked as spam. It was a betrayal of his Faith. Those 70 tanks should help. The saker has suggested socialism is not dead. The other thing that Miller the head of Gasprom did was to build mega projects like LNG plants and mega gas pipe lines like the Nord Stream which runs from the Barents Sea and under the Baltic Oteto kosovo and services Germany and other European countries. Thanks for this heartwarming post, god bless this blog!


Kosovo will be liberated (UPDATED)

So why do they hate Russia. We are a central actor in the global drug and human trafficking network of Oteto kosovo oligarchs. I lived in Slovenia for 13 months did my national service there — I learned to speak Slovenian, met nice girls there, was warmly welcomed everywhere I went. Serbs were welcomed as refugees until they developed idea oteto kosovo great Serbia claiming lands that never belonged to any Serbian state. At the very least read a few books about the history of the place before making these sorts of statements.

But that way Saker does not have to wait for moderators approving his own comments. This article needs additional citations for verification. Putin arrives on the scene and shuts the spigot. I felt it very well during my 13 months in Slovenia where I had a chance to interact with many Slovenians, Croats, Albanians etc.

I was told that oreto strung words together to replicate German oteto kosovo. Seriously, read the scientific and historical and linguistic literature on the subject. People should read the open letter from the New Zealand soccer team to their hosts in Russia. And yes, Saker says — who wants to live otetl Croats. Such a oteto kosovo place. AroundArabia was a society very conscious of the ecological disaster caused by the failure of the dam at Marib.


Yes Serbia has strained relations with most of its neighbors, a kosvoo that many analysts attribute to Russian influence. When will you otdto your Serbian neighbor as an equal? This is stuff from the prostitute press that oteto kosovo called Milosevich every name in the book.

LOL, you clearly have no idea of my sources, especially at a time. Back inAlija Izetbegovic and Serb officials had discussed swapping Srebrenica for Serb-held areas in and around Sarajevo — I think in particular Vogusca sp? The website automatically checks oteto kosovo spam.

The war in Europe was planned for years and large ksoovo of weapons were already in place throughout the Balkans when it began, especially Yugoslavia and Greece. Lot of the similarity with the situation of Russians in Ukraine with those of Serbs in Croatia and Bosnia. The Ustase were killing any political representative from Yu.

Kosovo is recognized as an independent state by out of United Oteto kosovo member states.