It sounds pretty naive when I explain it like this. The Legacy of Opeth’s ‘Still Life ‘ “. Still Life ” “. Retrieved from ” https: It’s almost like a devil’s advocate or whatever it’s called. Still Life is the fourth studio album by Swedish progressive metal band Opeth. He was banished to live in the swamp.

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The last song of the record, “White Cluster” concludes the story with his execution and him meeting Melinda in the moof. He was banished to live in the swamp.

This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Still Life ” “. Add your thoughts 38 Comments. There was an error.

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Lyrics submitted by Idan. However, he is returning, and he has no forgiveness for anyone except for the one girl he loves- Melinda. We do not have any tags for The Moor lyrics. In verse 8 he describes Melinda as powerful She is waterdrops over the pyre.

The Moor (Remastered), a song by Opeth on Spotify

In relation to this, the first two verses could be Othello’s return from battle. Retrieved 26 October This could be either a very accurate view of the song, or a very stupid one.


Still Life Studio album by Opeth. These events lead to her murder and the main character going on a rampage against the ones responsible.

Retrieved from ” https: Obviously a lot of bad things start happening with, as I call it on the album, ‘the council. Why not add your own?

I know that “Moor” means swamp, but in the play, people refer opeth the moor Othello as a Moor as a derogatory term about his opeth the moor colour.

However, when looking at thd lyrics to the album “Still Life”, you’ll notice that there is a story in the lyrics. Due to time constraints, the band was able to rehearse only twice before entering the studio.

Eduardo Rivadavia of Allmusic called Still Life a “formidable splicing of harsh, often jagged guitar riffs with graceful melodies”. He continues his quest to find his love, but he knows he won’t find her, and his fate is sealed until he does. In verses he speaks of what he vowed to the townspeople or the people that killed him, and how they reacted to his return.

User does not exist. General Comment This song was molr difficult opeth the moor make meaning out of, but here’s what I got from it The Legacy of Opeth’s ‘Still Life ‘ “. In verse 4 he begins his search for his Melinda the only one he has forgiveness for; verse 7 and how the opsth reacted to seeing him in contrast to they acted when he died so long ago.


In verse 7 he describes opeth the moor he has returned for Melindaand how he has no mercy for anyone other than his Melinda.

Archived from the original on 21 February I play this opety at least opeth the moor times every day. Log in to add a tag.

She is innocent and always has been, he is the opposite and that is why he can’t be with her Virtuous shell with kindred innocense. Opetg in now to add this track to your mixtape! General Comment By the way the “chapters” songs of this story are as follows: They see him as a hypocrite in a way.