Would you like a tour, or shall we just get to it? The same magazine is lying on Henry’s bed in ” The Stranger “. At the hospital, Henry is wheeled in on a gurney as Emma follows. Emma is distraught and demands an answer, but Dr. He wakes up and gasps. So… So he could… Regina:

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Unlike the episode’s events, Regina is not tied to the chair by Mr.

Once Upon a Time – 1×22 – A Land Without Magic – Purple Smoke.jpg

Her fate is in a precarious place. Emma looks up, and sees Mr. Expect a transcript a day for the next week.

Unsuccessful, he slides down to the floor. Emma picks it up. The same magic tme allows me to do… This. As Emma dumps open Henry’s bag and sees his bookDr. Before she leaves, Regina tells Henry that she really does love him. This is all too much. How did you do it? Do my eyes deceive me, or is that the look of a believer?


It… Led me back to you.

Henry’s room is filled with cut-outs of fairytale illustrations. Regina says that they need help from the only other person who knows about magic. By all real-world standards, he was dead There, Emma throws her against a storage rack.

Why, you pnce your true love to be together, of course.

Prince Charming looks for a way to get the dragon to eat the egg. There are major spoilers. Regina is freed and declares that Mr. I can get you out. Regina, still observing from the window, smiles. Regina looks uppn of Henry’s window and smiles wickedly as she sees the purple mist approaching and spreading over Storybrooke. The Huntsman hands him a bag and a sword. She then transforms into a dragon and the two start to fight. This is a very special place, Belle.

1×22 – A Land Without Magic | Once Upon A Time Episode Transcripts

Emma and Regina team together in order to find a way to save Henry ‘s life. You know where to meet? Rumpelstiltskin flips the ring and catches it in his hand. The two duel briefly, until Rumpelstiltskin disappears and reappears again.


She backs up against a wall, when a giant green eye appears. She drags her to a storage closet, where she furiously accuses Regina of poisoning Henry. In this episode, the wave of magic is digitally replaced by a magic shield. It was meant for you!