Studying and incorporating how cities and neighbourhoods grow organically into urban planning is critical. Perhaps we would have better success in achieving them. My particular interests were in public finance and industrial organisation. Clearly there cases where a direct approach works, but not in the more messy, complex problems that abound in our lives, in our world. But, what if our real failure is Being goal oriented is a popular virtue these days. Instead, what emerges from the apparent chaos of human interaction and pragmatism, like the capitalist economy, led by an invisible hand, is right.

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I’m not sure if I want to become an urban planner anymore now, after Mr.

It was inspired by an observation of the successful pharmaceutical researcher, Sir James Black: Similarly, the financial returns of a business record what it obliquity john kay but are not the means by which it is achieved. However, the opposite is true in commercial life. Hammer and Champy are as radical in aspiration as Le Corbusier: Again — makes sense.

I don’t think this was Kay’s intent, but I hoped the book would ,ay some point go further in highlighting the value of using objective decision frameworks – even in instances whe Good quick read about how the path to achievement is often obtained by “muddling through” with uncertain destinations as opposed to detailed planning, sterile objectives, and over-analysis.

Strange as it may seem, overcoming geographic obstacles, winning decisive battles or meeting global business targets are the onliquity of goals obliquity john kay best achieved when pursued indirectly. Feb 14, Albert Faber rated it really liked it.


Obliquity: Why Our Goals Are Best Achieved Indirectly by John Kay

When a non-executive director asked about the expected return on investment, he was brushed off: On the Trans-Canada Highway today you cross the Selkirks through the pass named for the ambitious and intrepid Major A.

But, if financial goals are instead made the primary objectivethe business will then lose its vigour and may fail. The US was neutral and in fact passed laws which meant they could not arm the UK. The success of IFS had been built on serious economics accompanied by a commitment to popularisation and application. The author at times stretched to make his point but that didn’t detract from the freshness of his thesis. Warren Buffett, the most successful investor in history, still lives in the Omaha bungalow he bought almost 50 years ago and continues to take pleasure in a Nebraskan steak washed down with cherry Coke.

When they won their obliquity john kay, most of the dividend that the court required the Ford Motor Company to pay went to Henry himself. Couldn’t put it down. The aim of bringing benefit to a wide range of obliquity john kay was replaced by the specific objective of creating shareholder value from narrowly focused operations. I guess the book’s message – to get there by going slant. obliquity john kay

Obliquity – Why our goals are best achieved indirectly – 2010

He explains why human decisions are different from decision by computers, what they can do better, why the emotional will is necessary to make decisions, etc. I did the latter and didn’t obliquity john kay any of the morsels I was hoping the extra attention would give me. The Panama Canal, for instance, follows the shortest crossing of America; and yet it starts by following obliquity john kay south-easterly direction.


The functionality of the blocks proved, in the end, not to be functional. As it turns out, the word has been around since the fifteenth century. The theme of the book obliqutiy that businesses and other enterprises are best run by enthusiasts who pursue excellence in their speciality.

And this is also true of the forests we travel thousands of miles to see, the great capital cities of history, the traditions of classical architecture, and the development of great businesses. Friday, January 4, This group was established under the auspices of a newly established think tank, the Institute for Fiscal Studies, and was headed by James Meade, another economist who had achieved the ultimate distinction of a Nobel prize.

Sixteen years later, the largest fire known swept through Yellowstone National Park. In formulating the theory of evolution through natural selection, both Darwin and Wallace recognized the insight that this diversity was driven indirectly.

But, what if our real obliquity john kay is related to our attempt to achieve our goals directly? Obliquity is inevitable when the environment is complex and changing, purposes are multiple and conflicting, and when we cannot tell, even with hindsight, whether they have obliquity john kay fulfilled. Open Preview See a Problem? Intriguing points, little evidence I really wanted this book to be successful.