Keep up the great work! I find myself having to limit how many podcasts I can subscribe to and this podcast helps give me an overview of who is out there right now, rocking the podcast world. I can stop any time I want too [scratches neck]. Harry turns the mic back on all these interesting podcasters, and the conversations are fascinating! This show is for me!

nicole cherry phenomenon

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It’s a podcast for us by one of us. I love hearing other podcasters struggles and triumphs. I have listened to a couple episodes as of now, ‘s 24 and 25 I think and was surprised how easy it was to listen to. So much great information.

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I’m a podcaster and a podcast junkie myself. And make you you can imagine! It is simply a naturally flowing discussion, easily leading into another topic. Keep up the good work! Easy going, passion for podcasting, and excellent guests.

This podcast is great because you get a little bit of everything. If you’re seriously into podcasts, and you want to get into the behind the scenes, you’ve found your home.


139 Rob Greenlee | The Global Phenomenon of Podcasting

Great listen for anyone like Harry or myself who has the “fever”! And just flow in your conversation. Harry guides the conversation expertly, and the result is a show packed with useful nuggets for those of us just getting into the podcasting game. This podcast asks lots of great questions of the guest without ever phneomenon like the questions are written down and ticked off one by one.

Thank you Harry for bringing stories and ensights on your shows. With all these podcasts its hard to see what’s best out there and to navigate my way through. The information will keep you in the know of the new and interesting podcast. Harry created incredible space container that brought forth some highly empassioned conversations. Also learned some great podcasting best practices! March 21, by sugararma from Canada. Harry is a wonderful host and this is truly a great conversational podcast and introduces us to so many incredible people!

So grateful to have been a guest on the show.

‚ÄéRezervat (feat. Nicole Cherry) – Single by Doddy on Apple Music

Podcast Junkies did the trick–Harry does all the work of finding interesting podcasts for me to check out. It dives deep into the shows we know and love, and Harry pull out the golden nuggets that lie beneath. Rob is a seasoned podcaster and veteran in the podcasting space. Bravo, Harry, wish you continuing success! Harry Duran is passionate about the medium and the voice of the podcasters.


nicole cherry phenomenon

Love the show, keep it up! What a great show with such an entertaining group of people–Podcasters! I really enjoyed this show and I’m definitely a podcast junkie.

nicole cherry phenomenon

These are insightful and cover a wide range of business issues, all of which I find interesting. I love that this is not all about podcasting by great life lessons. Warm personality, interesting guests.

I just finished episode 1 with Chase Reeves and I loved the easy show flow.