Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes! Lead a team of Tech-priests in the name of the Machine God. The big rounded button in the middle acts like a four way D-pad, but just like the keys, it is pretty hard to press. You can choose which access point to be used by default when you want to connect to the Internet through the Data Connections option. They have as well shaped a bit metal like design, the word ROKR appear in a lot of places on the phone and in the menu too, spiced up with several red black insignia.

motorola rokr em30 themes

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I mean it’s hell to text an SMS message, but you will also have troubles dialing a number, which is not right.

motorola rokr em30 themes

Hello At the links below you will be able to find millions of themes and download them free of charge. Moreover, it features a 3.

Motorola EM30 Specs Themes Software Games MotorolaEM30 free download

You will probably not pick the phone as a music-oriented phone, because the sound has been stripped of all low frequencies and you will only be able to hear the audio frequency spectrum starting from middle to high frequencies.

Em330, for people using the phone for SMS texting, the whole process will probably be hard as hell, because the keys are extremely rigid and you won’t notice if you actually pushed a button or not, unless you keep your eyes on the screen. Related Topics phone themes pc themes phone theme em Steve Berry Level 1 Expert 9 Answers. Clicking in the middle of the D-pad will select the option you want, just like an Enter key.


The integrated browser Symphony 1. The new firmware release updates MiniUPnP to He as well had several antique tragedy phone as well Whowever ZN5 and E8 have been further than sufficient of a advantages.

Also, the mix between a good sound chip as well as mmotorola software solution used for sound decoding had a lucky result that makes it one of the best Motorola music-oriented handsets. The quality of the image is above average, colors omtorola very well defined making mottorola contrast extremely vivid.

Motorola Ej30 V Cellular On the contrary, it feels very nice to touch, especially the soft plastic on the back, which also enhances the user’s grip.

Even though the music player’s interface is somehow basic, you will probably notice that the sound quality is excellent. The backside of the phone features a 2-megapixel camera on the upper part and a generous loudspeaker on the bottom. Unfortunately, tests revealed a lower speed than it was expected: It’s actually sole, it’s not like a Samsung anyplace a rork normal phone finds called Ultra Music, however this still brands it a music phone and nowadays still in the case of Sony Ericsson we cannot actually contribute that there is greatly comparison amongst a Stereo and a K series phone.

Go to the dark side with the baddies of the DC universe.

It’s worth a thousand words. The sound’s clarity is excellent during call conversations thanks to the CrystalTalk technology.

Motorola ROKR EM30 Review

Also, I would like to mention that including “landscape” display is a good idea for a music-oriented phone, but its size only 2-inch might take its toll on those that will also use the device for Web browsing.


The Office Tools category contains the network operator services, a simple calculator, alarm clock, dialing services, Notepadcalendar, file manager, Email, world clock, and MotoSync. This type of attack is ten times more likely to succeed. The big rounded button in the middle acts like a four way D-pad, but just like the keys, it is pretty hard to press. Also, the material used for manufacture doesn’t suggest that the phone might be a mass market device at all.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to ride a chopper and save the world while doing it, then look no further. This series counting E6 has three phones that have been begined and the manufacturer calls them ROKR.

motorola rokr em30 themes

Also, the camera could at least feature a dedicated button and a few extra features. Apr 15, Cell Phones.

Motorola EM30

How can this be resolved. The mic has been placed on the bottom of the phone, instead of being below the keypad, so be careful where you keep your hand during phone calls.

I think the handset can easily take the place of your favorite MP3 player, regardles of its brand. Helpful 2 Not Helpful Comment Flag.

motorola rokr em30 themes

Otherwise, the keypad is evenly backlighted and you will also have the possibility to control the motorolx player by using the keypad. The new update includes only general improvements.