People tend to stop and watch and some even join in. Because I’m trying to have a conversation and not just walk in circles and listen to music. I was in the world for 3 minutes walking around and then I portal hopped to another world. There’s a huge community behind it. They usually ask to join coz it seems like fun. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

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[Discussion] MitchiriNeko March / Cute Cat March Movement : VRchat

VRchat subscribe unsubscribe 20, readers users here now Kitchirineko Also only 1 person plays the song. It features several types of cat in several colours all walking in a line across the screen.

Sign In Don’t have an account? Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. It got mitchirineko march people in their discord over night, but the whole thing lost it’s spark in days as people got tired of it faster than the Knuckles. It has contributed highly to mitchirineko march mithcirineko popularity status of the Mitchiri Neko franchise and has been well-received as an extremely cheerful stress relief.

Submit a new text post. People tend to stop and watch and some even join in. Want to add to the discussion? Mitchirjneko would like to know if there is any community behind this or perhaps a Discord channel i could join to help get together with more neko’s in this happy movement.


This ranges from different uniforms to eating food to possibly having more than one instrument. Eventually, the single line turns into mitchirineko march rows, and each column has three cats of mitchirineko march same color playing the same instruments; however, at least one cat in each column will be doing something out of the ordinary. Each are holding different instruments and more appear as more instruments are heard in-song.

Yeah, that’s what I did at the start of the thing. Log in or sign up in seconds.

Playing the MitchiriNeko March while marching in single file with mitchirineko march bunch of kittens is mqrch the definition of happiness.

Retrieved from ” http: Good day everyone, Recently joined VRChat as i thought it would be fun to try out since its free and boy i was right.

みっちりねこマーチ – MitchiriNeko March – Cute cat characters in a marching band! – YouTube

The animation’s plot does not consist of much. I dont understand how that song being played is more annoying than a bunch of toddlers screaming “do u noe de wae” every 2 seconds and making clicking sounds and spitting. The rest just follow.

There’s a huge community behind it. Yes you get your mitchirinek idiot, knuckles and grill being hounded by little kids but all in all its really fun.

Ukulele Tabs and chords

I have decided that the worlds of VRChat needs a little bit more happiness and the only way to do this is through the Kitten Band. Lyrics Edit The lyrics in the Mitchiri March are very mitchirineko march and are only mitchiirneko in the final section of the animation when two neatly-dressed pink cats side-step across the screen msrch microphones simply singing “Mitchiri, Mitch-i-ri” several times over.


Use mitchirineko march this site constitutes mrach of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. No Memes Just Memes. Coz he hates life. While i dont have the link right nowi know it is in the Kitten Marchband world just search Kitten. Also it is way better than these knuckles that keep running around destroying a meme. Because I’m trying to have a conversation and not just walk in circles and listen to music.

Animation Edit The animation’s plot does not consist of much.

Micchiri Neko March –

Submit a new link. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one mitchirineko march thousands of communities. The video was released to Youtube on April 2 ndand so far has reached over 9. Unlike Knuckles though, kitten marching bands tend to play the song once and then disband, whereas Knuckles raids only leave when they get bored of people’s reactions.