Arguing for Triddin to take the hacks down is stupid, because any griefer or WOM’er can re-upload them. And a day later the forums came back, and I never looked back at it till now. Yet the map reset again before I could finish, and it was only half full. Email Required, but never shown. Curse Help Register Sign In. If you’re unhappy with the WoM server – Just don’t go there, simple as that. Most people who would use hacks had them before WoM, so you can’t blame us for being “the source of hacks”.

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Currently I’m just waiting for Notch to develop that anti-hack. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. This thread was automatically marked as Locked.

The GPL also requires derivative works to be open source. Sure, some sort of recognition could be given to WoM for the inspiration, but the same clifnt be said for the client as a minecraft wom client, which was taken from decompiled Minecraft Classic.

Sign up using Email and Password. The external client application will prompt you for your login details and then allow you to select from the available servers, or enter your own server link to connect.

The movement itself, keyboard input, toggles ect are also written in completely different ways. The first thing you should try is minectaft Minecraft with Java 6. Though I would like to think I am unbiased, Minecraft wom client want to say that I remember minecraft being more fun before anyone could fly. I just thought it would be the easiest way to publicize or discuss this.


World of Minecraft Game Client | World of Minecraft

It is not based directly on any other minecraft wom client. Also, if wom wanted, they could add a check before acessing the hack to see if they have a account on wom and distribuing only to griefers, making it public help the “good guys” also have acess to the hack to protect their own server. My memory is a bit hazy and it’s not really worth arguing over, so let’s go with “it may or may not have been GPL at first, and right now it minecraft wom client seem to be”.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Our client is a direct modification of the original game code. CPColin’s code was in the public domain and World of Minecraft reserves all rights to their client.

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We highly recommend the latest version of Java 6. Have you minecraft wom client your controls settings? Ever since I started playing Minecraft Classic I’ve wanted someone to mod it to the kind of quality you guys have achieved, so thanks for minecraftt and I hope the community continues to mnecraft. Ctrl – Turn on minecrqft speed while held down. Support Us Patrons Support.


Fileupyours and Rapidshare aren’t exactly rocket science. I’ve wanted to have something like this again since the day that the server which I minecraft wom client Minecraft Classic on shut down. But you probably have a better chance of killing every fly on earth than eradicating hacks.

No, you turned minecraft into a war zone. Email Required, but never shown. Check your key bindings.

This is also true. We have a new version of our WoM Game Client with speed, flying and noclip hacks. If the above doesn’t work, please download, extract and replace your minecraft wom client file. Skip to Main Content Area. But that’s just my opinion. I haven’t played Minecraft in months due to the fact that the hacked clients are the norm now.