How does one submit their saves up to the internet exactly? Final part 1 patch… soon-ish? I first saw one just east of the Navy HQ, so try in that area. She does show up. Anyone found any way to actually manage the party members using this console?

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Are they just outright unused or am I missing something? Anyone have problems recruiting monster girls from Magical School? Heaven actually survived the events of the great disaster, falling to earth, with the snow continent being its remnants. Granted with the number of seeds I fed him, he should be, but he soloed all 3 forms of black alice for me which is still kinda paaradox.

MGQ Paradox Part 2 Translation Progress

Is there a different event in the Alice route that I need to do first? Iw as going to ask if it was better to wait for a patch before downloading the game, but seeing as a download mgq paradox not there, my question has already been answered. Party members are also monster paradlx who wildly fuck the hero! If I remember right, ther is a weapon called the Excalibur, found deep in tartarus, which is suppose to be the best sword in Part 1, aside from the magic sword Caladbolg.


I completely forgot it was Monday when he posted it. Can mgq paradox make a video about how to apply this english patch?

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MGQ Paradox Part 2 Translation Progress – Dargoth Translations

Side with Lily during the Magistea quest. Thank you for your hard work as always Dargoth, we greatly appreciate it. Is something Happening about it? The possibility has been seeded by the Luddite Village laboratory, and mgq paradox a future where the Seekers pradox Truth won would complete the set.

Monmusu Quest! Paradox RPG Chuushou

Like its predecessor, there are a planned total of three parts. The Voidies have put a big soul drain spell on the paradox universe, drawing the souls of all dead into their universe.

Screw vanilla stuff and give me more Vanilla stuff. Instructions are on the list for manual patching.

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November 20, at 3: Chibi versions of Ilias and the lamia who makes use of Luka as her sex toy. June 26, at 1: Farming wise, only LOC with the sub-bosses every 10 levels in the chest on the right, better ratio there then elsewhere.


I was surprised They included new ones from the VN then the mg gets cut short. Where mgq paradox the adventure take him?

Would that also include the names of the recruitable characters? Raphaelaone of the Seven Archangels. Or they just end up healing somebody.

Well, no point in parwdox that now.

July 2, at 4: Technically Paradox isn’t really a nukige. Party members are also monster girls who wildly fuck the hero! The packaged version was launched on 6 Nov mgq paradox can be found here. Too much junk there. Battles sexy enchantresses, where failure ends in reverse rape!