They are also not highlighted like the other metal bands sharing spots on the list. The second half is more serious. Oct 20, Rating: I knew that they were, like everybody else, grossly underestimating me, I knew that they viewed me as just another dunderheaded rocker, and they would bring me in, make me look like a fool, and that I would help their cause. Metal is a form of expression, a way of life. Don’t have an account? Superbly crafted documentary is strong enough to make believers out of non-metalheads, and inside enough to get the devil’s-horns salute from the most diehard followers.

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On Disc at Amazon. Playbahnosh 14 November I wish I could have joined them afterwards at the bar which they invited us all to, but I’ve gotta work tomorrow. More Top Movies Trailers.

Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey

An examination of the heavy metal music subculture that tries to explain why, despite the longevity and popularity of the genre, fans are marginalized and ridiculed for their passion.

Some brief controversy arose over the film’s depiction of black metal, which many fans of the genre saw as being one-sided and biased during a screening documented in the film. For me and probably for many others, the music was all about I liked the film very much.

Dio as always is kindhearted and he was very kind to the crew. As we follow anthropologist and self proclaimed metal head, Sam Dunn on his journey through the world of metal we get an unusual insight into this widely misunderstood and intricate sub-culture.

Dunn’s talent at interviewing also creates some very compelling and full portraits of a spectrum of metal fans themselves. It was funny seeing some drunk ass Norwegian trying to be serious yet failing miserably. Superbly crafted documentary is strong enough to make believers out metal a headbangers journey non-metalheads, and inside enough to get the devil’s-horns salute from the most diehard followers.


From the calm commentary of Rob Zombie to the wry humour of Dio to the laughable minimalist interviews with Norwegian black-metal players, there’s a broad range of experiences and opinions. The success of Dunn’s film in support of heavy metal music might be the result of not offering the audience too much music.

Minor complaints aside, this documentary rocks and if you’re a fan of the genre you’ll do no wrong in getting this essential film in your DVD library. I felt something very rare, I felt “I’m at home, baby! On the one hand, the mettles can revel in the exploration of their community and genres; on the other, the wider community can gain some real insight into the workings of the community.

Don’t know when this metal a headbangers journey come out officially, but hopefully a distributor out there will take notice, even if its headed for the midnight movie circuit. The metal scene emerges throughout the documentary as the metal a headbangers journey center of an army of misfits, where the outcasts of the world can seek each other out based on their love of the angsty, eardrum-destroying tunes their parents warned them about.

Post Share on Facebook. You’ll get to see and hear a lot of great bands, from the standard warhorses like Maiden, Metallica, Motorhead and Slayer to the less-mainstream stuff like Voivod. I found Dee Snider of Twisted Sister, Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath and Ronnie James Dio of Dio accredited as the inventor of the devil horn sign the most compelling interviewees, though there were many others too numerous to mention.

The docu covers heavy metal as a genre-it’s various sub-branches and its putative father, so to speak.

Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey | Film | The Guardian

There’s also a nice little mini-documentary on the Norwegian Black Metal scene and the church burnings that were done by some black metal artists and its effects on Norwegian society. The heavy metal, “tree,” is a really cool thing, and while I hate the fact that too many discussions surrounding heavy metal spiral downward into arguments over what sub-genre a certain band does or doesn’t fall into, it’s a really well metal a headbangers journey out visual aid to the film.


Goofs Dunn also mentions the “Filthy 15”, a list of artists with lyrics considered obscene in one of a number of ways. For people not into metal, they might learn something, and they might get their preconceived opinions about the music and it’s fans adjusted just a bit.

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I am also a lifelong head-banger. Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. You can criticize this movie any way you prefer, but this came from a true metal fans heart, and thats a right in your face 10 rating for me.

Like how he always has had to defend metal because most people look down on it as a lesser form of music. Dunn is also incredibly tactful when dealing with the “bad boys” of metal who just want to curse and fling beer at the camera, or especially the Satanic black metal musicians in Northern Europe mostly Norway who advocate violence and have prior joutney or advocated terrorist acts of political natures.

A Headbanger’s Journey takes a closer look to the metal genre.

The results are not really ground breaking. Dunn is able to provide solid evidence as to why Metal is dismissed by the mainstream.