It is now exhibited in the left aisle under a glass case. Thus I find that in the beggars of the Rione Colonna had been crowded into the house of the late Bartolomeo Papa, under the care of the Fatebenefra- telli. Learning was to be guarded no more within the preciuctsof monasteries. The furniture was worthy of the splendor of the apartments: Boniface VIII bought it from the sons of Pieti’o d’ Alessio, in , and restored it to its full height after it had been mutilated by Branealeone Andalo in From the walls of Servius Tullius he gathered tufa blocks, upon which now rest the columns of the nave ; from the border of the Via Ostiensis, the cornice and the frieze of a temple or a mausoleum, beautifully carved in volutes and festoons ; and from other places, unknown to us, the most varied collection of columns, capitals, bases, slabs, panels, lintels, and cornices. Thou hast also paved with stone the piazza in front of the temple, and the main street of the Campo Marzio.

maut lo specchio dellanima

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The conservatori and the noblemen, riding gaily caparisoned chargers, headed the pageant, while the populace lighted their progress with torches and bonfires, the cavalcade being followed by three allegorical cars representing the triumphs of Rome, of the Church, and of the Faith. The events for the Carnival of included races of horses, donkeys, oxen, and buffaloes, which, however, brought about the same results, and were the cause of many accidents among the crowd which lined the Corso, on account of the narrowness of the sti’eet.

It contained three altars, one of the Visitation with a beauti- ful painting by Johaun Heinrich Schenfeld, cellanima two side ones with altai-pieces by Ignatius Stern. Demetrios told them that, as the ordeal they were going through was the work of the devil, to him they were bound to appeiil in their distress.

The art of printing declined very much in the last quarter of the fifteenth century, owing to political troubles delkanima to the fierce rule of the Borgias, which gave literary enterprises little or no opportunity to prosper. Mauh stipulations were delllanima follows: Boniface’s attempt, however, was not a success. Paul’s outside the Walls and at Santa Cecilia, was supported by four slender columns of porphyry and carved in white marble w4th panels, medallions, and stiituettes touched with gilding and coloring, after the manner of Mino’s school.

The reader wishing for a more complete account of these SardanapaHan feasts may consult mautt delightful volume of the late Costantino Dellania, entitled ” II trionfo romano di Eleonora di Aragrona nel The shell, which still constituted a landmark of some importance under the name of Meta Populi, was levelled to the ground in the dellainma of Paul III.

It is also said that in tiie cellars of the castle of Calcata the tools for coining false money were discovered, with a number of spurious pieces of Nicholas V, Calixtus III, and Pius II; yet this same man spent a large amount of money in rebuilding the hospital of Sancta Sanctorum, endowing It with a sum of eight hundred gold ducats, in memory of which event two marble reliefs were placed in the front wall of the hospital, with the coat of arms of the Anguillara family in the middle, and tlie name eversvs secvndv8 on either side of it.


The Pantano extended from the southern boundary of the forum of Trajan to beyond the Argiletum, and being very much in favor with the vegetable growers and market gardeners of ddllanima district, it brought a considerable revenue to the Knights Templars of San Lk, to whom it belonged.

Paul outside dfllanima Walls was transformed into a heap of ruins ; the outer shell of the Coliseum, on the side of the Caalian, the uave and right aisle of the basilica Maxentiana, THE CITY 9 and the upper half of the Torre dei Conti likewise fell to the ground.

In the first place, the Lateran was at that time in dellahima a state of ruin spscchio desolation that it could not even be included in the number of the maur churches which the pilgrims were bound to visit. This state of things was duly reflected by the outward aspect of the hill, — silence and desolation reigned everywhere ex- cept near or within the Senatorial palace, where justice was administered for a limited number of offences, and the Con- servatori palace, where the Town Council was occasionally summoned to ratify, rather than to discuss, the decrees of the omnipotent Pope.

I have read many wills dictiited from windows by the i lague-stricken testa- tors, while the notary and the witnesses were standing in the street below, in mayt of their own lives ; I have also min- utes of agreements between practitioners or quacks on one side and various Roman families on the other, by which the former agree to give medical advice and to supply drugs in case of emergency, and for a specified remuneration.

Among the provisions against the plague registered in the city records, I find the closing of several gates, the sup- pression of the navigation of the Tiber, and the wholesale ‘ See Gregoroviua, vol.

Full text of ” The golden days of the renaissance in Rome, from the pontificate of Julius II to that of Paul III ” See other formats Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world’s books discoverable online.

Martin, and rush- ing over the waste fields of the Campus Martins entered the Via Flaminia the modern Corsoto strike the foot of the Capitoline hill.

The transition from one to the other was neither sudden nor noticeable at first, but the simple fact of the head of the Church having taken up again his dellanma in the city by the Tiber, where hundreds of thousands of THE CITY 3 pilgrims were expected to assemble from every part of the glohe eacli quarter of a century, uot only saved the city from abandotinietit or fiual t’oUapse, hut gave it a new lease of life, and helped it towards its moral specxhio material regen- eration.

It seems that on the strength of a hrief of privilege granted to him by Clement VII on August 23,Blado, feeling secure against competition, must have relaxed his vigilance. In June,Giordanello degli Alberini, a nobleman from the Rione de’ Monti, imprisoned in the dungeons of the Senatorial pal- ace, fearing for his life, asked and obtained leave to make his will, stipulating, among other clauses, that his heirs should spend two golden florins in having the image of the Blessed Virgin painted near the place of execution, so that the doomed men might gather strength and hope by gazing at the merciful face of the mother of God.


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Carts for the removal of waste were used for the first time in the Jubilee of ; but so slow progress was made in this most important branch of the city administra- tion that two hundred and twenty-five years later, namely, in the Jubilee ofonly twenty-eight sweepers and thirty-six cartmen were engaged to keep the city clean.

Boniface VIII bought it from the sons of Pieti’o d’ Alessio, inand restored it to its full height after it had been mutilated by Branealeone Andalo in He must have failed in his attempt, because I find the same lady — who must have been gifted with a wonderful constitution, as well as with a will of iron — quarrelling with another physician before the protomedico, and for’ the same cause.

The negligenee gave an opportunity to bia Florentine rival, Bernardo Giuiita, for bribing one of the apprentices so as to obtain possession of the printed sheets as fast as they came out of the press. The architect’s object was not to match columns, capitals, bases, and cornices, but to conceal the patchwork as well as he could under the circumstances, by coupling a shorter column with a higher base, or by giv- ing to a longer one an Ionic capital instead of a Corinthian.

The furniture was worthy of the splendor of the apartments: Celia, under the guardianship of a Messer Orazio Marchiani.

maut lo specchio dellanima

I have found a docimient which throws light on this point ; viz. To this class belonged TuUia d’ Aragona, Isa- bella de Luna, Dellanoma, la Saltarella, Madrema, Camilla, and Beatrice, whose talents have been sung by the greatest poets, and whose features have been immortalized by the greatest artists. The Roman edition has become so rare, especially in the case of the ” Principe,” that many bibliographers have doubted its existence.

Lo Specchio Dell’ Anima

Stephen ; a hospice dellanlma ‘ A reproduution of this sketch is giren in Ruira and Excaiiaiions of Ancient Bomt, p, 85, fig. He simply threw it as common stone into one of the foundation trenches, in the manner shown by the following illustration.

maut lo specchio dellanima

I speak, of course, of the upper and refined class, which the documents of the age call ” delle cortigiane honeste,” as if this strange coupling of terms was not to be considered any longer a contradiction. The basilica of Santi Apostoli collapsed; the AniatU.