MindView 3 Business is a comprehensive tool that no business should be without. One click export to MS Project or built-it Gantt chart. The data can then be exported to an Excel spreadsheet with the simple click of a mouse. Mind Mapping Software for Productivity. MeetingBooster Professional Meeting Management. MindView 3 Business’ brand new user interface lets business users visualize ideas and produce professional quality Mind Maps quickly and easily. All other trademarks and registered trademarks used in this document are the property of their respective companies.

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Formerly known as OpenMind, MindView 3 Business allows companies to use the power of Mind Mapping to boost productivity and save both time and money. Simply click on the branch you want to highlight, and your map is instantly centered on that branch. Everything will be included in your export. Legacy Software Professional Mind Mapping. With productivity and cost reduction being more important than ever, MindView 3 Business is an invaluable tool for any company.

Conversely, users can import an Excel spreadsheet as a Mind Map. Mind Mapping Matchware mindview 3 for Productivity. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Assistive Technology: MindView 3 from Matchware-Part 1

This page was last edited on 18 Novemberat Choose from MindView’s extensive selection of layouts and styles and easily apply effects and formatting on matchwaree fly. Reply posted by Brian S. This addition makes the new version more intuitive and easier to customize because of its ingenious design and format tabs.


Secondly, to complete its integration with matchware mindview 3 MS Office suite of tools, MindView 3 Business now offers integration with MS Excel using impressive new Excel import and export functions.

MindView 3 Business also includes an advanced filter, an automatic numbering scheme, and “focus” mode.

MindView Mind Mapping Software

Retrieved 20 May Free Trial Book Webinar. The new edition matxhware offers improved map and timeline layouts, as well as a host of new, predesigned Matdhware Map styles that make it today’s most powerful, user-friendly tool for developing, visualizing and presenting ideas.

Need to share your mind map with remote team members or clients? New features of MindView 3 Business Edition include: Since every timeline requires different graphical elements to effectively tell its story, MindView lets users select the layout that matchware mindview 3 meets their needs.

MindView 5 makes mind maps first-class citizens in the Office ecosystem”. MindView 3 Business is a comprehensive tool that no business should be without. MatchWare MindView is a comprehensive, visual learning tool designed to help you develop and organize ideas.

MindView 3 Business Edition allows users to export their Mind Map to an Excel spreadsheet using an impressive matchware mindview 3 of professional templates. Try Mind Mapping Software Free! New Icons MindView features many brand new icons, including dynamic icons that allow users to quickly increase or decrease priority numbers, completion levels, or other values by simply clicking the appropriate icon. MindView’s Mind Mapping capabilities are an effective way to organize and develop ideas, outline reports and streamline decision-making.


MindView 3 also offers a wide variety of layouts, including a new layout for Top Down, where sub-branches run horizontally, and various timeline layouts. Advanced Filter Function The new MindView filter matchware mindview 3 users define specific criteria and then display only the branches of a document that meet those criteria. Design and Layouts The Microsoft Office Fluent user interface is the ideal way to effectively design and format your maps.

Mind Mapping For Dummies by Tony Buzan, Florian Rustler

Based on the Microsoft Office FluentTM user interface, it provides an uncluttered, user-friendly workspace that makes it easy to find and use any of MindView’s impressive range of features. MindView is a professional mind mapping matchware mindview 3 that allows you to visually brainstorm, organize and present ideas. Retrieved from ” https: Friedlander at Thu, 28 May Simply click “Send” and your mind map will be packed and ready to go in an email!

Conversely, users can also import numbers from Excel to MindView.