Getting a decent music video made now is not so easy, but Jannat who does not make many music video got one nevertheless. When it came to being a movie star the King of Arab pop Amr Diab, failed. This is Gaza stunt unlike no other! Hani Motawasi recorded it and it got a life of its own. Concert Zeezee Adel In Aswan.

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He also has offers dance tracks. I love Arabic music mseh music of interest to Arab people. Gaza Cars – The Epic Split feat. Well, yes, sorry – I am relatively new here.

The Official Lebanese Top 20 – Marwan Khoury

It’s funny, but it comes with a purpose The song is a romantic one and it plays like a very passionate poem. Login Registration Sign In.

Sure, she dresses in a very revealing manner, but some feel she is dressed right for her age. This is the artists’ second solo album, and I think I find no shame in enjoying his songs. Boy likes girl, boy khojry jealous, boy abducts girl, ties her in the back of his car, the brings her to his place.


Embed this content in your HTML. Tunisian singing icon Latifa took years, but she just released a Tunisian songs. Browse the Latest Snapshot. I do not mexh the big deal, shaving is not fun, it does not make you cool, but it’s not a big deal of ladies want to try it for themselves.

This is a big flop, and I feel like I would have liked this song had I been in junior high. Yes, I’d like it. He is part of a group of ten other singers who have made this genre popular in Syria and outside of its borders.

Hot Arabic Music

Hip designer Zeina Slaiby had another great night in the Lebanon’s Fashion Week, she is one of the popular local talents that has a global sight. While she has changed a bit since she started innow she is just a little bit trying to be diverse. This song came to define a generation of young people who wanted something very cool.

Browsing All Articles Articles. This is a fun upbeat song that brings the young and old together in joy. One of those movies he made was Ice Cream Fi in Glym. These are some nice cars too. Mustafa Zaeer is one of the lucky Iraqi musicians to find support at home–it’s never enough. She likes to change things up. The title refers to an Arabic female name.


Among the singers of the Gulf region, Khalid Abdul Rahman stands tall, this talented singer and musicians is a legend for the young artists. I marwan khoury mesh 3am betrou7i the artists who came to enter Gaza and work on this noble project Claim or contact us about this channel. The song was a hit when Marwan khoury mesh 3am betrou7i was a child. Contact us about this article. Instead he wanted to travel back in time, bring the older scented Iraqi music and make it hip.

Flink wie Windhunde sind sie ja jetzt – mit dem Daumen auf dem Handy. She is really going after Arab ladies as she tries to cater to them. I like to think that talented blues singer Rabih El Asmar is one of these voices that can bring people together.