I deleted half of this album. We just did the whole yin and yang thing. Love Is the Message. Before we went into Warped Tour, we started writing Evolution. Yeah, it makes relatable stories for both parties.

loveotomy botdf

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The appropriately titled Bad Blood followed inwith songs like “Crucified by Your Lies” attacking the band’s critics.

I will not add the next chapter until I have gotten at least five individual reviews with at least one full proper sentence. There was not a song I did not like. And they just took their message and applied it to their creations. Miss Bipolar Love Fight. All of these people believed in the law of love, and they were people just like you and me. As can be assumed, I simply turned it up louder. You Are the Heart. But I hope their next album is better That was, like, a troubled time I went through, and I felt the pain of it and wanted to write a song about it so people could relate to it and maybe relieve themselves of that pain.


Sometimes dreams fail you in the worst of ways. This time, we actually broke down stories and spent months bptdf it. In Flames – Single. Everyone – and loved them all. Incomplete and All Alone feat.

With the force of love and compassion and believing in yourself, you can rise up and conquer anything you set your mind to. I think a lot of kids and fans of music need to hear that stuff, especially today.

loveotomy botdf

Well, we learned a lot through this album about ourselves. I deleted half of this album. Beauty Killer Bonus Track Version. About Blood On the Dance Floor A “scene” act known for mixing electro-pop, emo, hardcore-influenced screaming, and outlandish hair and fashion, Blood on the Dance Floor is loveotommy the project of Orlando, Florida’s Dahvie Vanity.

In The Studio: Blood On The Dance Floor

I was really looking forward to this album. D can’t wait for the new album! Your review has been posted. I know you guys have been in the studio for a while, so where are you at with recording? Sexting – Single We just did the whole yin and yang thing. Reprobate Romance – Single. Blood On The Dance Floor are gearing up for a busy year.


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We actually have some extra tracks, too, that we have completed, like three extra tracks. One of the exciting things that we loveotpmy on this album is the force of love. Evolution is the change of the mind. Maybe you run into near death situations.

loveotomy botdf

It was a six-month process. If you haven’t a clue as to what I am referring to, it was three years and eight days ago that I first joined Fanfiction. Hold your enemies closer so that you may always know how to triumph over them and always keep your dreams alive inside your heart.