Hence the album title. Mike Burr – December 6, Following a trio of increasingly embraced albums released by David Byrne ‘s Luaka Bop label, Los Amigos Invisibles ventured off on their own for Superpop Venezuela , which they released independently on Gozadera Records. Release Date September 5, Jazz Latin New Age.

los amigos invisibles superpop venezuela

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Los Amigos Invisibles

Chances are, most of these songs, if not all of them, will be unfamiliar — assuming you’re not well versed in Venezuelan pop, that is. Hence the album title. Although the record cycled through my rotation quickly, its frenzy exploded my fusion dreams and egged me to search widely.

We’ve finally updated our previous “World’s Richest Singer list” December 5, that was originally published in Ozomatli gathered some of the best musicians in my own neighborhood, reached far and wide for what was danceable and updated what countless other musicians had done in the past, like Santana, Dizzy Gillespie, and the Gershwin brothers.

It’s easy to feel party to the playfulness that just oozes from Superpop Venezuelathanks in part to Dimitri from Pariswho produces the bulk of the album and who likewise traffics in campy music. In the midst of this mental whirlpool, Los Amigos Invisibles sashayed into my musical world.


los amigos invisibles superpop venezuela

Si Tu Te Vas. When I began playing in bands, I dreamed of a ten- to fourteen-piece group that could mix any form of dance and rhythm. It can feel relatively slight because of that, granted, as there are few instantly memorable songs, but that doesn’t lessen the appeal of Superpop Venezuelawhich is arguably more fun than past Amigos Invisibles albums, if less impressive for its lack of actual songwriting. When I began making pause-button tapes, I aspired to make blends of rock and punk as well as hip-hop and breaks.

This no doubt may present problems for listeners with short attention spans who need individual, unique, actual songs through which to index.

los amigos invisibles superpop venezuela

But the covers are such dramatic reinterpretations and the musicianship so solid that the group pulls off one of its most invisiibles and constant gozaderas. Yo Soy Asi Luis Alva. Cara Melo y Chocolate. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Nonetheless, it’s easy to tell that Los Amigos Invisibles had a field day interpreting these personal favorites.

Mike Burr – December 6, This is why the one notable departure here is unsurprising: Amar Es Algo Mas. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Introspection Late Night Partying. Romantic Venezurla Sex All Themes. Curda y Pain Los Amigos Invisibles.


Super Pop Venezuela – Wikipedia

The album isn’t a major departure from their past few — musically, at least. I came across the various Invisibl Skratch Piklz tapes and learned they were carrying on what Afrika Bambaataa had done decades prior.

Mao Mao Nino Ferrer.

Media Luna Giordano DiMarzo. Finding out that my supposedly profound ideas had been explored generations ago was partly disappointing, but I nevertheless embraced these artists. Release Date September 5, Since I was a teenager, I have loved the idea of fusing music. Superpop may seem an odd starting point, but what better time to join the party.

The group still recombines Afro-Latin dance elements, but the net now stretches far enough to include highlife, Afro-beat, disco, and hip-hop. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Stream or buy on: