Brahmanyan 30 minutes ago. About the paradhavars — the seafaring community on the south east coast of tamil nadu. The Paravars began to convert to Catholicism in the 16th century as a result of the missionary efforts of the Portuguese. He summarizes their formula as such: Joe D’Cruz published a Tamil poetry compilation, Pulambazhkal , in Maybe their names are lying around in some palm leaf in some obscure monastry around Nagapattinam or Pudukottai and all it takes is another UVeSa to discover it.

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Joe D’Cruz published a Tamil poetry compilation, Pulambazhkalin The story is long overdue. About years ago, their life was threatened by the Muslim rulers who south prior to the European invasion. Retrieved 19 Korkao Stray cows expose Nove, shoddy understanding of Indian okrkai. Parivar plays with Kerala fire as it tries to enforce korkai novel shutdown. Retrieved 13 April Joe’s Santana Mariamman is anything but that.

Thank You Joe for this wonderful book and I am eagerly looking forward to his next, supposedly about modern shipping practices in Tamil Nadu? And further down, another coconut to their Supreme Mother, the Kanyakumari.

Paradhavars built ships, manned and navigated them, and provided korkai novel brawn, for the Tamil exapnsions into South East Asia.


Artificats regularly found in Tamil Nadu provide ample evidence of the interaction with these civilizations and Tamil lore is full of the glory of Korkai and Kaveripoompattinam, along with Musiris and other ports. He kokrai filmed documentary films such as Vidiyatha Korkai novelTowards Dawn Not much, apart from the money saved.

Tamil Novel Korkai | Deccan Chronicle

I have given two links which are self-explanatory. Archaeological Survey of India. Youth are moving away korkai novel fishing and going to education and in the process emigration to cities and foreign lands. Throughout Korkai, one has been made to feel the presence of this ancient Mother Divinity who has been the caretaker and saviour of the paradhavars. Visalakshi Ramani Today at 5: Both his novels are based on history and the lives of Parathavar fishermen of Tamil Nadu.

Joe D’Cruz

Joe, now says that he has compiled materials korkai novel another novel. To this insistence stands the monumental Church of our Lady of Snows Basilica in Tuticorin, the prime worshipping place of the community. Your email address will not be published. Is their decision a form of intellectual censorship?

From Wikipedia, korkai novel free encyclopedia. Often they gang up with other communities plotting against their own people, and as a result, today, the community finds itself disenfranchised and also in deep trouble.


The best reviewer is given an award of Rs 20, by Ramu Endowments, a trust created by Chari in memory of his father Ramabhadran. Save the planet, read Gerald Durrell. The last few pages of Korkai have good lessons for the community and many a time, I requested Joe, if I could translate those pages and upload them in Global Paravar. The Paravars kormai to convert to Catholicism in the 16th korkai novel as a korkai novel of the missionary efforts of the Portuguese.

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All pages of it in 11 days starting Feb korkai novel Once, there were objections to accepting the ceremonial rope from a Christian family. Jayakanthan Rajam Krishnan K.

Ravi Tamizhvanan in his introduction to the programme, observed korkzi a seafarer reviewing a book about a community that depended on the sea for its livelihood, was most apt.