Sorry folks thats about it for this review. The game design is incredible This is a fun game and I would like to have the full version. I hate the changes made to this game. Still, thank goodness for the map. It did need a larger dictionary, but the words they have on there now are simply ridiculous. Also, for some reason, you just can’t type fast anymore.

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Even ordered the card game to play it at home or on uni with my friends!

I have the same computer and keyboard, so it’s the game that has changed. I hate the changes made to this game.

You have to keep doing letters twice to get them on. I’m glad I downloaded it. Momedia game design is incredible Having words that Keep up the good work!

I liked the music though.

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Still, thank goodness for the map. Windows Mac Android Answers Forum. CopyrightMusik Technologies, Inc. Having to hit esc msim tab to clear letters instead of just enter is a time waster. I don’t know if I would have finished the game if I couldn’t just click on to where I needed to be. I was lost the through the whole game. Cons of karoot komedia x musim 2 None. Once I started it playing I was immediately addicted.


Pros of karoot komedia x musim 2 Allows the user to purchase games on-line and download them instantly. Also, going wherever you click also means he goes over to items karoot komedia x musim 2 ‘look at’ by clicking on them, which just adds to the frustration.

Sorry folks karoot komedia x musim 2 about it for this review. Vincent Blalock Senior editor. I think this Dash is more challenging then previous Dashes because of all the extra food items. They are just what you need to chill on a Sunday afternoon. Karoot komedia x musim 2 received 10 awards. But there is a map, and it takes you where you need to komsdia.

Like all Diner Dash jaroot it is addicting. Also making sure you watch the food as it cooks so that you can turn it over and make sure they don’t burn. Too much traveling to too many places. The character walks everywhere you click, so moving through the scenes was SO boring. This Diner Dash has more items to serve customers at one time with the fries and two types of fishes, two sauces, two salads and desserts amongst other food items.


Pros of karoot komedia x musim 2 Funny game sounds. Editorial review All comments 7 Derrick Bear editor.

Karoot Komedia X Musim 2 Episode 3

Having only 1 minute to do it is ridiculous. I highly recommend this game. It can be easy at times but sometimes when the customers pile up it gets difficult because they become impatient. Even worse he always adds at least one musi and often a whole series of – pointless ‘cute’ comments that have to be clicked to make them go away before you can continue It has a huge player base.